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Switch from iPhone to Galaxy easily

A new app allows users to dump all the content from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. -myp

Mon, Jun 25, 2012
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SAN FRANCISCO - iPhone users who wish to switch to the new Samsung Galaxy S III can now do so easily, without losing their valuable bits and bytes.

The South Korean tech giant has launched a new app that allows users to dump all the content from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, technology-news website Pocket- lint reported.

The app is possible under a collaboration with developer Media Mushroom, that makes its Easy Phone Sync app and Mac or PC software free for people with Galaxy smartphones.

They can import contacts and text messages from iTunes and transfer music, videos, podcasts and photos over without charge, said tech-news site Mobile & Apps.

"We know that traditionally iPhone users have been reluctant to switch to an Android device because they couldn't use iTunes to manage their content," said Mr Simon Stanford, vice-president of Telecommunication and Networks at Samsung UK.

"Easy Phone Sync means people can now enjoy their iTunes content on a Samsung Galaxy phone. It's really easy for them to do, and literally takes five minutes to set up."

The app is available on Google Play, and the PC and Mac client can be downloaded at easyphonesync. com

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