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Life's easier with gizmos

The very first winner of The New Paper New Face competition shares her favourite gadgets. -TNP
Catherine Roberts

Mon, Feb 04, 2013
The New Paper

Angelique Nicolette Teo has certainly come a long way from her days as the very first winner of The New Paper New Face modelling competition back in 1993.

Crediting every subsequent project to that one victory, she's now a television presenter for cable channels HBO and Life Inspired, and co-founded Amore Essentials, a luxury line of scented moisturising candles.

The 39-year-old local businesswoman also moves between radio presenting, hosting and modelling with ease.

Teo told The New Paper that with her busy daily schedule, she loves the way technology makes her life "so much easier". She can get easily updated.

She geeks out twice a year because she feels her gadgets need to be "upgraded" so that she has "something new to play with".

1. Nikon Coolpix L310

Teo, a freelance luxury travel writer, has developed an eye for good photographs - especially as visual elements for her articles. Although a more complex camera seems like a better idea, it may not be the best option for her as a beginner.

Teo said: "I've always loved taking pictures and tried out a Nikon DSLR for a while.

"But not being used to all the settings and not wanting to just put it on auto-mode, I decided I needed to start with something a little simpler."

She received the Nikon CoolPix L310 as a gift from her parents for her birthday last week.

"It looks like a professional camera, but it's simple to use.

"It's 14.1 megapixels and 21x optical zoom are perfect for getting the right shot."

2. HTC Flyer

Choosing this particular tablet stems from Teo's need to handle her different work projects.

"I use it to sign and send documents to clients and it acts as my cue card when I host events."

The HTC has also made communication with her clients easier.

She said: "The Polaris office, the PDF viewer and the e-mail app are most used on my tablet.

"The PDF viewer must be my favourite as I'm not often next to a printer and when I need anything signed, I'll just open it up, sign the document, flatten the signature and send it straight back to my client - all done within a minute.

"And I save some trees too by not unnecessarily printing documents."

3. HTC One SV

Teo admitted to switching over from her iPhone 4 to the HTC recently due to the former's laggy 3G network of late, which compromised her productivity.

She said: "I need reliable, fast connectivity for quite a few of my local and overseas Skype business meetings."

Her HTC also entertains her with its top-notch sound quality and accessible social media widgets.

As for choosing 4G, she raves over the expandable memory slot that increases storage whenever she wants and the fantastic sound system whenever she plays music.

"I'm active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

"And I like the HTC widgets and functions where I can upload and share my pictures easily across all my social media platforms."

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