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Japanese pop star sacked over sex scandal

Photos of her alleged sex scandal are published in a Japanese magazine and it is believed the 24-year-old slept with three of her band members. -AsiaOne

Thu, Aug 04, 2011

Japanese pop singer Aya Hirano is believed to have been dropped from her label, Lantis, because of an alleged sex scandal.

This follows after the latest edition of Japanese magazine Bubka published pictures of the 24-year-old J-pop star in bed with a band mate. The photos are presumed to have been taken 'post sex'.

Netizens and observers believe the man in the photos is her 35-year-old guitarist, Katsundo.

Insider information revealed that Aya slept with a total of three of her band mates except the bassist. They too have reportedly been dropped from the label.

Rumours of the scandal first emerged early this year. In February, fans of the anime 'Kizumonogatari' launched a petition to have Aya removed from a role she was supposed to play.

They said the scandal-hit voice actress would have ruined the image of the character.

An anonymous post on Japanese website several months ago said:

"Hirano's had three of her four Lantis band members. Her approaches became so problematic she was reported to the agency boss for excessively aggressive courting. The agency then dropped Lantis."

"I heard it from someone close to a Lantis employee - though I doubt any of you lot will believe me in any case."

"I don't remember too well as it was a year ago, but as I recall the only one she didn't do was the bassist. I do recall that the president fired the other three."

Aya first announced on her Twitter in May that she was no longer with Lantis.

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