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Miss Hong Kong finalist in racy photo scandal

Photos of 26-year-old Kayley Chung and her boyfriend while on holiday in Thailand were leaked online, prompting the pageant organiser to call for a press conference immediately. -Diva

Fri, Jun 15, 2012

Miss Hong Kong 2012 finalist, Kayley Chung, has been caught in a photo scandal.

A picture which was recently leaked online showed Chung and her boyfriend in a hotel bathroom.

According to Hong Kong reports, she had earlier claimed never to have taken racy photos.

Chung told the media that the image was taken while the couple were on a holiday in Thailand a few years ago. It shows the 26-year-old in a bathtub while her boyfriend posed nude - his gential area strategically covered by a tap.

"I had not thought of participating in the (Miss Hong Kong) competition then. But when I decided to take part, I deleted all the photos. I don't know why there is still one left on my boyfriend's Facebook," she reportedly said of the photo.

The bathtub photo has since been removed, but more sexy photos of her have emerged, causing the pageant organiser to call for a press conference immediately.

The second set of photos showed her in poses revealing her cleavage, with her boyfriend posing shirtless. The photos were all reportedly taken while on vacation.

The scandal has affected the squeaky clean image Miss Hong Kong contestants are expected to portray, reported the Hong Kong media.

When asked if she was told to pull out of the competition, Kayley said she was not.

"I will do what the organiser has planned for me, but I know I will not win," said Chung.

The finals would be held on August 26. Out of the 16 finalists, four are hot favourites to take the crown. One is Miss Hong Kong finalist Roxanne Tong, the daughter of former TVB actor Tong Chun-chung.

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