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So who are the celebs in the Gangname Style video?

While Psy is clearly the star of Gangnam Style, you may not know that his video co-stars are famous too. -TNP

Tue, Dec 04, 2012
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Above photo is HyunA.

Hwang Min Woo

WHO: The kid on the beach APPEARS - 0:22 Otherwise known as 'little Psy', the seven-year-old appears at the start of the video where Psy is lounging on a beach that turns out to be a playground.

Apart from the horse dance, he also masterfully executes other dance moves of his own, all while maintaining a surly expression.

Hwang made his TV debut on South Korean TV series Star King in 2010, wowing audiences with his edgy dance moves and over-the-top facial expressions.

He then went on to participate in the second season of Korea's Got Talent, where Psy's manager spotted him.

Despite his brief appearance in the video, he has made a big impression as he is now appearing in commercials for companies such as LG.

Yoo Jae Suk

WHO: The gawky-looking chap with the bowl cut in the carpark.

APPEARS - 1:42 Clad in an acid yellow suit and adidas shoes, Yoo steals the spotlight from Psy during their "epic" parking lot dance battle.

Turns out that the mushroom-haired 'yellow-suit guy' is actually one of the top comedians and television hosts in South Korea, having hosted the wildly popular variety show Running Man since 2010.

Yoo's Gangnam persona has proven so iconic that he was parodied on US comedy show Saturday Night Live.

WHO: The elevator pelvic thruster APPEARS - 1:54 He appears for only seven seconds but he made a lot of fans.

A 10 hour loop of his pelvic-thrusting elevator dance has been uploaded on YouTube.

Simply titled "PSY - Gangnam Style - Elevator Dance - 10 hours", the video has since received more than 1 million views.

The "elevator guy" is actually Noh Hong Chul, a Korean comedian who has been involved in variety show Infinite Challenge since 2005.

His elevator dance is actually his trademark move and Psy has said Noh's appearance wasn't planned at all.

He told Rolling Stone magazine that Noh had visited the set and Psy spontaneously asked him to perform the dance.


WHO: The girl on the train, and who later got her own Gangnam video.

APPEARS - 2:11 She makes mass transit look like the sexier way to ride. HyunA is a former member of the Wonder Girls and is currently a member of 4 minute.

In August, she released her own version of the Gangnam monster hit titled 'Oppa Just My Style', featuring her saccharine vocals.

While hitting nowhere near the original's view count, HyunA's version has over 170 million views.

HyunA had a taste of pre-Gangnam viral stardom when she released the racy Bubble Pop! in July last year.

The video has more than 42 million views.

After Gangnam Style gave her international exposure, HyunA released the sexually suggestive video 'Ice Cream' in October.

Psy makes a sizeable cameo at the start, but what probably helped to push it past 26 million views was its R rating in South Korea, due to its provocative scenes.

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