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Beautiful Winter Song

Song Hye Kyo plays a blind heiress and Jo In Sung plays a conman in the Korean drama That Winter, The Wind Blows. -My Paper
Gwendolyn Ng

Tue, Mar 19, 2013
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Rating: ****

After her screen time got cut down to a measly six minutes in the Wong Kar Wai film The Grandmaster, Korean actress Song Hye Kyo was peeved.

So peeved, in fact, that she decided it was TV for her.

And thank goodness! She more than pulls her weight in the drama That Winter, The Wind Blows.

Song is convincing as Oh Young, a blind heiress to a giant conglomerate.

Oh Young is the target of conman Oh Soo (played by actor Jo In Sung), who gets close to her by pretending to be her long-lost brother.

The characters are complex ones, and aren't typecast clearly into the villain and victim moulds.

So, what ensues is the "siblings" wrangling with their emotions, and second-guessing each other's thoughts and motives.

The criminal Oh Soo feels himself wavering as he starts to develop a soft spot for his "sister".

And while Oh Young's loss of her eyesight and lingering scars from her parent's divorce make her vulnerable, she's no damsel in distress.

Instead, her woes have left her with a steely resolve.

Song, 31, is a timeless beauty but her acting has gone up a notch.

In one memorable scene, Oh Young's anguish is palpable as she writhes in pain before collapsing to the ground.

Strange, inappropriate sibling relationships are not new to Song.

Think of the hit drama Autumn In My Heart (2000), the biological brother- sister mix-up which propelled her to fame.

In Winter, the relationship between the "siblings" will surely develop, and my bet is that the two will become romantically linked.

It's a story that's pulling in huge ratings in Seoul, and it's certainly got me hooked.

In the meantime, The Grandmaster debacle may have dampened Song's international movie ambitions.

However, though Winter marks a return to TV, she's headed back to the silver screen to give it another try.

Word is out that she's been cast in the in-development John Woo romance flick, Love And Let Love.

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