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Another Singaporean robbed and hurt in JB

Mr Lim sustained a 4cm-long knife wound and injuries to his hands and legs after meeting three men in JB to sell a laptop. -AsiaOne

Mon, Jul 09, 2012

Another Singaporean became the victim of a robbery in Johor Baru on Thursday night.

The latest incident took place at 10.45pm in Permas Jaya in JB.

The victim, part-time tutor David Lim, 24, told Shin Min Daily News that he had posted an advertisement online to sell his girlfriend's laptop.

An interested buyer had responded to his post and asked to meet him in Johor Bahru.

Three men met Mr Lim and his girlfriend in Johor Bahru, and they examined the laptop.

Mr Lim said: "After talking with the three men for a while, they claimed that they didn't have enough money and wanted us to accompany them to the ATM to withdraw cash."

After Mr Lim agreed and returned to his car, he realised that two of the men had followed them and sat in the back seat. Another man drove the other car.

Along the journey, one of the men suddenly pulled out a knife and placed it against Mr Lim's neck and ordered him to drive to Permas Jaya.

Mr Lim added: "When we were about to arrive there, I had a feeling that they wouldn't let us go so easily.

"So when I was driving past some private houses, I deliberately crashed into the gatepost of one of the houses.

"Then I jumped into the back seat and tussled with them."

Several residents in the area initially tried to help Mr Lim, but after the men told them they were the ones being robbed, the residents freed them.

The three men fled the scene.

Mr Lim sustained a 4cm-long knife wound and injuries to his hands and legs.

His girlfriend needed three stitches on her face and mouth.

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