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Is it suicide or is it murder?

Police and A*Star deny allegations raised in foreign news report by parents of research scientist. -ST
Feng Zengkun

Sun, Feb 17, 2013
The Straits Times

A sensational news report about the death of an American research scientist in Singapore that cast aspersions on two Singapore public institutions prompted responses from both agencies yesterday.

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Full statement from the Singapore Police Force:

The Police investigate all unnatural death cases thoroughly, working closely with the pathologist and other relevant experts, and no prior assumptions are made on the cause of death. Our procedures for investigating cases, particularly those involving death of persons, are strict and of high international standards.

We have handled this case in the same way as other cases that Police have looked into.

All crime scene locations which have the potential for recovery of evidence are handled with care and are protected from interference of any kind so as to preserve any trace evidence. The sites are secured by Police for the duration required for scene examination and evidence collection.

The conditions and items found at the crime scene are carefully recorded in great detail, as well as conserved and removed for subsequent laboratory analysis.

The Financial Times article mentioned a hard disk which was purportedly recovered by Mr and Mrs Rick Todd from their son's residence.

To ensure the investigations are as thorough as possible, we urge any person who has evidence in their possession that can assist in our investigation to share them with the Police. All relevant evidence gathered by Police will be tendered at the Coroner's Inquiry once the investigations are completed .

The Coroner will independently determine the circumstances under which Mr Shane Todd came by his death taking into account the investigation findings and other evidence.

During the open inquiry, the family of the deceased may question the witnesses and the relevant reports, including the pathologist report.

As investigations are ongoing, it is inappropriate for the Police to comment further on the case.

Since the death of Mr Shane Todd, the Police have engaged and assisted the family without impeding the objectivity of our investigation process. We will continue to do so. Police have also kept the American Embassy and FBI informed of this case.

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