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Celebrity zodiac couplings

The New Paper couples 12 celebrities to find out if there's any attraction between them. -TNP

Thu, Feb 18, 2010
The New Paper

At first glance, these celebrity couplings may look like the unlikeliest pairs of lovers. But according to Chinese astrology, they are supposed to be perfect matches as each of the 12 animal signs of the Chinese zodiac has an ideal animal soulmate.

In a nod to both Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day which fell on the same day this year, we "matchmake"
12 eligible singles and find out if there's any animal attraction between them. After all, it's written in the stars, right?

» Jade Seah and Tay Ping Hui

» Andie Chen and Ann Kok

» Tabitha Nauser and JJ Lin

» Ronald Susilo and Ris Low

» Joakim Gomez and Apple Hong

» Henry Golding and Quan Yifeng

Jade Seah

Photo: TNP

CLICHED as it sounds, some things just cannot be planned.

That's why actress-host Jade Seah isn't rushing into marriage as she's a "big believer in fate".

Said the 27-year-old beauty: "I don't fix a timeline to get married or have kids. The running joke in my family is that I'll be married when I'm 40. My family is staunchly Catholic.My mum would rather that I'm very sure of who my life partner is than to contemplate a divorce later."

As for searching for Mr Right, she said: "I will never make the first move. I like to be wooed." Fat or thin, tall or short - all are welcome.

The former Miss Singapore Universe 2006 runner-up, who is 1.72m tall, said: "I'm not picky. I don't mind if my partner is shorter, if he doesn't mind. But from what I know, it matters a lot to guys and their egos."

But the one thing Jade will never tolerate is body odour. "He has to smell nice. It's not about wearing deodorant or perfume. It's his natural smell, or what they call pheromones, that is attractive.

"He must also be eloquent and have good manners. He cannot be a male chauvinist. Most importantly,we must have chemistry."

So will this Pig consider dating her Dog kindred spirit Tay Ping Hui, who seems to check all her boxes? Both hotties are in upcoming Channel 8 drama New Beginnings. Jade paused, then burst into laughter.

"Well, I wouldn't NOT date him.He can try."

PERSONAL AD: "If you love food and want a makan kaki, let's go eat. Life's one big adventure land and if you're on the same page, let's go play. New experiences, adrenaline rushes and exploring the world are top on my list. If
you believe in getting the most out of life, grab myhand and let's traipse the world together."

LOVE WATCH 2010: Singles will have it good and possibly find themselves interacting with more people.

CHEMISTRY WITH: Rabbit, Sheep, Tiger

CHALLENGING WITH: Snake, Monkey, Pig

Photo: Courtesy of Tay Ping Hui

HE IS arguably Singapore's most eligible bachelor.

So we had to ask local actor Tay Ping Hui the most obvious question: Are you that picky?

Said the 39-year-old hunk: "Of course I am, shouldn't we all be? Why should we compromise on such  an important thing in life?"

He has met women whom he thought he could date, but what looked good on paper didn't work out in reality.

Ping Hui stressed that physical traits are not important to him.

"But I am not going to go out there and date a dog just to prove my point. What I am trying to say is that looks will degenerate with time."

IQ and EQ rank the highest for him, followed by a realistic sense of self-worth, graciousness, respect for lesser individuals, and the ability and maturity to admit when one is wrong.

On the other hand, an "inflated ego and narcissistic nature" are complete turn-offs.

Fussiness aside, Ping Hui admits that he would love to get married.

Perhaps a certain leggy Babe (yes, we couldn't resist a reference to Hollywood's most famous pig) known as Jade Seah will tickle his fancy?

"Sure, why not? We can be the best of friends. After all, it has been proven 5,000 years ago that we would get along great."

Then you realise he's actually joking about their paired zodiac animals.

PERSONAL AD: "Dog man seeking Pig woman to become 'zhu peng gou you' (a Chinese idiom literally translated as 'pig and dog friends', which means bad company).

Have loads of fun chasing frisbees, doing business in public and rolling in mud.If you know how to bark, I will know how to oink. Call me for a jolly good time!"

LOVE WATCH 2010: Danger ahead! Singles will find that love won't be knocking at their doors, so it'll be hard to find a great match.

CHEMISTRY WITH: Horse, Tiger, Rabbit

CHALLENGING WITH: Dragon, Ox, Rooster

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Andie Chen

Photo: Zaobao

WHEN it comes to love, Fighting Spiders actor Andie Chen stands on both ends of the marriage spectrum.

The 24-year-old is a commitment-phobe and laments: "I'm not ready to bring home the bacon. So I'm careful
when I date nowadays. It's like if I hold her hand,would she expect me to marry her?"

Then again, Andie readily admits that if he meets someone who gives him the "She's the one!" feeling at first sight, he would drop everything and make his way down the aisle.

What is Mr Abs looking for? Big eyes, fair skin and well-endowed chest are pluses. Minuses include skinny chicks ("nice to look at but unhuggable") and "elephant legs".

Said Andie, who won local acting competition Star Search in 2007: "If I really love someone,I'll fall in love with her flaws too."

When told that the Ox's soulmate pairing is the Rat (we suggested buxomy actress Ann Kok), he confessed that he had a crush on her when he was just 17. "We were working together on a drama and I was mesmerised by her. I felt she was way out of my league and I blushed every time we spoke.

"Now we're quite good friends. But I won't date her as she also doesn't give me the 'I want to marry her now!' feeling."

PERSONAL AD: "If you think I'm the right man for you, be prepared to work really hard. It's not easy to be my girlfriend, I'm quite hard to please, but you can try."

LOVE WATCH 2010: Singles are strongly encouraged to increase their social activities to find that special someone.

CHEMISTRY WITH: Monkey, Rooster, Snake

CHALLENGING WITH: Horse, Dragon, Sheep

Ann Kok

Photo: TNP

IF THERE'S anyone who truly embraces the joys of singlehood, it would be the sexy and alluring actress Ann Kok.

Looking amazing at 37, Ann - who had been linked to Chew Chor Meng, Vincent Ng and Dai Yangtian over the years - told us unabashedly: "Being single, I have unlimited freedom.

"Whenever I feel like going overseas, I can just pack up and go without any worries."

The voluptuous sex symbol- who's nominated for Best Actress at next month's Star Awards for her role in Housewives' Holiday and is said to be the front runner in that category - added that she is in no hurry to plunge into a relationship this year.

Agreeing that she inhabits certain typical traits of a Rat ("Yes, I think I can be a little cheeky and shrewd at times!"), she said she admires the "stable and reliable" qualities in the Ox.

Just don't bet on her cosying up to actor Andie Chen.

"Oh, no, no, I know him too well!" Ann exclaimed.

PERSONAL AD: "Looking for a manly dude capable of taking care of others, is filial and sensitive to emotions. Age is not an issue."

LOVE WATCH 2010: It won't be a very smooth romantic year for Rats. Obstacles and pressures abound, with loneliness at times. If you haven't found your true love, you'd have a better chance in April and August.

CHEMISTRY WITH: Rat, Dragon,Monkey

CHALLENGING WITH: Horse, Rooster, Rabbit

Previous << >> Next: Tabitha Nauser & JJ Lin

Tabitha Nauser

Photo: TNP

SHE turns only 18 in a week, so it's no surprise that Tabitha Nauser says she's much too young to think about love.

"I want to do so many things before I settle down!" said the Singapore Idol 3 third-runner-up.

The Republic Polytechnic student has been busy juggling schoolwork and public appearances at community shows and corporate events ever since the local reality singing competition endedin December.

She says she's never actually had a serious relationship, though not for lack of opportunity.

Tabitha - whom we nominated for Babe Of The Year in The New Paper's annual Flame Awards last year - says she's been asked out by a number of guys but has either turned them down or decided not to pursue the relationship.

Flowers and teddy bears given to her on previous Valentine's Days have also been rejected.

"I just don't think that I'm ready for the kind of commitment that a relationship requires," she said.

She may be ready, though, to seriously think about love after she's done with school in 21/2 years.

But even when she is, she has no idea what kind of guy she'll be looking for.

"I'm the kind of person who goes through phases. I had my indie boy phase, my Wentworth Miller-esque phase, so who knows what kind of guy I'll be into years from now!" she said.

But she realised that those who usually catch her eye are clean-cut, buff and very confident. Her penchant for buff boys made her drool a little over JJ Lin's pecs, but she's not sure if she'd be comfortable dating someone who spends too much time on his hair.

"Egos are not attractive at all," she said.

PERSONAL AD: "Sentimental but extroverted puppy-lover seeks tall, buff guy who appreciates food, loves dogs and has passion for travelling and music."

LOVE WATCH 2010: A passionate, amorous time for Monkeys! Singles, rest assured that you will not stay
lonely for a long time. But you might want to do some travelling to increase your chances of meeting your other half.

CHEMISTRY WITH: Dragon, Monkey,Ox

CHALLENGING WITH: Horse, Tiger, Snake

JJ Lin

Photo: Ocean Butterflies Music

WHEN you have a job like JJ Lin's, perhaps love has to take a backseat.

Speaking to us over the phone from Taipei where he is currently based, the boyish 28-year-old singer-songwriter
recalled previous failed relationships where he found himself unable to reciprocate the feelings of his other partners.

"They were so sweet, so willing to give all the time," he said with a sigh.

"It hurt me. Because of my hectic schedule, I couldn't give back the same amount of time and affection.

"I have to admit, love is not high on my list of priorities," said the career-oriented JJ.

"This year, other than work, I hope to focus on giving more attention to my family and friends.

"Of course, that said, I won't reject a potential date if she happens to come into my life."

JJ,who was named Top Local Artiste Of The Year at last year's Compass Awards, is relishing his bachelor status.

"When you're single, you tend to treasure your buddies more," he said, chuckling.

"You realise that your guy friends are very important to you."

Being passionate is a Rooster characteristic he totally identifies with.

"Passion, that's how I view life. It drives me, be it at work, or how I treat my loved ones."

And he has no qualms dating Singapore Idol 3 finalist Tabitha Nauser, a Swiss-Indian hottie who's born in the year of the Monkey.

"Mixed-heritage girls are sexy," he said.

"They tend to be more outspoken than Chinese girls.

"I appreciate that, as I can be a little shy at times. Their little touch of directness would definitely help our

PERSONAL AD: "Looking for an independent girl with dreams and stories to share."

LOVE WATCH 2010: Single Roosters will find it tough to find someone they like on their own. You'd have better luck getting family and friends to introduce a potential mate into your life.

CHEMISTRY WITH: Snake, Dragon,Ox

CHALLENGING WITH: Rabbit, Rooster, Dog

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Ronald Susilo

Photo: TNP

FIRST, the good news.

After three failed relationships - including one high-profile engagement with paddler Li Jiawei - former national shuttler Ronald Susilo is ready to move on.

"I don't see my previous relationships as setbacks," said the toothy, down-to-earth athlete.

"Every girl is different and every relationship is a new beginning for me.

"Just because I've had a few bad ones doesn't mean I won't love again."

Okay,now or the bad news.

At this moment, Ronald, 30, isn't too keen on plunging headfirst into love and would rather concentrate on his career.

Last month, he had revealed his plans for opening a badminton academy upon completing his diploma studies in March.

"But I'm not ruling anything out.

"If a nice girl comes along and attracts me, I'll let nature take its course."

Being single has its benefits, added Ronald.

"Girls can be pretty demanding, they can take up a lot of your time," he said.

"Now, I'm not tied down by anything and I can put all my energy into work."

Shy and reserved, he admits to possessing most of the traits of a Sheep.

But if opposites attract, would he grab the opportunity to date the energetic live wire Horse that's Ris Low?

With a good-natured chuckle, Ronald said: "Given a chance, why not? Dating is part of socialising. She's young, attractive and I am available!"

Aware of the dethroned Miss Singapore World 2009's credit card fraud conviction and seemingly never-ending foot-in-mouth moments, he said: "Ah, everyone has a past, that's okay."

PERSONAL AD: "Looking for a soft, gentle and romantic girl who accepts me for who I am and loves my family."

LOVE WATCH 2010: Be ready to network! Single Sheep will find themselves immersed in more social activities which will greatly increase their chances of meeting the opposite sex. Also, prep yourself for matchmaking sessions to come your way.

CHEMISTRY WITH: Pig, Rabbit, Horse


Ris Low

Photo: TNP

BELIEVE it or not, Ris Low has her "whole life planned out" when it comes to marriage and kids.

Currently the youth spokesman for Espire Condoms, the 19-year-old former beauty queen shared: "I want to get married at 24."

She added with a wide grin: "In the future, I hope to have four children - two boys and two girls."

Looking cheerful and vibrant in a red dress, Ris seemed to have gotten over the break-up with her events organiser boyfriend.

The two had split up last month after a five-month courtship.

"I'm ready to move on with life, though a small part of me still wants him back," she said.

"He has most of the qualities I like in a guy."

Ris, who is in her final year at the Management Development Institute of Singapore, is adjusting well to singlehood and enjoying her newfound "freedom".

"The good thing about being single? I don't have to worry about stepping on anyone's shoes," she said.

True to her Horse zodiac sign, she is active and energetic ("I once went three nights without sleep to complete a jigsaw puzzle!"), an opposite of her potential true love, introverted Sheep Ronald Susilo.

"I'm sure he is a very nice person, but he looks like the shy, quiet type," said Ris.

But yes, she is all game to indulge in Ronald's favourite sport with him.

She exclaimed:"We can play badminton together!

"He can teach me (to play better) and help me lose some weight."

PERSONAL AD: "Seeking a smart, honest man who is always thinking two to three steps ahead of me."

LOVE WATCH 2010: Look ahead for good social relationships this year! Single Horses will find someone
heor she can talk to with ease.

CHEMISTRY WITH: Dog, Tiger, Dragon


Previous << >> Next: Joakim Gomez and Apple Hong

Joakim Gomez

Photo: TNP

HE HAS matured since his "performing monkey" days on Singapore Idol 2, but Joakim Gomez says he's still not
ready for love.

The 22-year-old acting major at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts spent Valentine's Day instead with the one woman who matters most to him - his mum.

When we spoke to Joakim, who's half-Korean and half-Indian, last week, he said: "Since Valentine's Day falls on (the first day of) Chinese New Year, I'll be doing my yearly Korean saebae (bow) to my mother and also talking to my grandmother in Korea over the phone."

An only child in a single-parent family, he is very close to his mother, Ms Pia Kim. "I'm on her scholarship, so I listen to her," he said jokingly.

Joakim, who is in Okto's youth drama series The Band, said he tends to go for "sporty types" who, like him, are family-oriented.

He also has a weakness for long hair.

"I love girls with long hair," he said, slightly dreamy-eyed. "But I'm not discriminating against short-haired girls."

Still, long-locked Apple Hong, 33, is not exactly Joakim's type. They met once on Channel 5 reality game show The Showdown and Joakim said she's "cute".

He also admitted he would "never do an Ashton Kutcher" and date someone much older than him. He resisted elaborating, though, on any more particular preferences.

He said: "It's like the movie The Ugly Truth. I totally believe that you shouldn't have a checklist for love because you never know."

PERSONAL AD: A Paddlepop rainbow-flavoured ice-cream seeks sweet, sporty, family-oriented girl with a very sweet smile.

LOVE WATCH 2010: Dragons are emotionally unpredictable and their love life will be plagued by instability, so singles should exercise patience this year.

CHEMISTRY WITH: Rat, Monkey, Rooster


Apple Hong

Photo: TNP

SHE has been dreaming of her wedding since she was in her teens. More importantly, she wants her happily-ever-after.

But one of the reasons why Apple Hong is still single has to do with superstition.

A few fortune tellers had told her that if she were to marry young, the marriage would end in divorce.

Joked the 33-year-old: "I'm glad that I'm doing the right thing and saving on legal fees."

She has been pressured by her peers to tie the knot. Luckily for the bubbly actress, her family members approve of her waiting for "the right one".

Just don't call her lonely.

Apple said that her life is "colourful" with friends and work to keep her happy. Besides, she also has her fair share of suitors.

Her last relationship ended two years ago due to "the long distance and personality differences".

"All I can say is I have met new people and I am currently trying to get to know them better," she said mysteriously

And if you want to be the apple of her eye, being clean, hygienic, kind-hearted and having good manners will help you score points.

"Hot-tempered men and liars, please keep far, far away from me!" exclaimed Apple. The sweet lass knows a thing or two about the Chinese zodiac signs.

She has heard that the Snake and the Ox are compatible, but not the Snake and the Dragon.

But she does take the fortune-telling with a pinch of salt - she said two of her ex-boyfriends were born in the year of the Ox.

So what about having dashing Dragon boy Joakim Gomezof Singapore Idol 2 as a partner?

Said Apple: "I worked with him once and he strikes me as cute and nice.

"But, of course, nothing is going to happen between us.We didn't even exchange numbers!"

PERSONAL AD: "I'm an angel who brings happiness and laughter to the people around me. As long as you don't make me angry, you'll never see me turn into a witch."

LOVE WATCH 2010: Overall, not a great year for relationships. Snakes will fly into hot, fiery arguments with people. Control your emotions better.

CHEMISTRY WITH: Rooster, Ox, Dog

CHALLENGING WITH: Tiger, Pig, Monkey

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Henry Golding

Photo: TNP

YOU'VE heard of guys who kiss on the first date.

Now, meet the hot ESPN presenter of English and Iban descent who insists on communicating first and getting physical later.

Henry Golding may be just 23 years old, but he certainly knows what he wants.

"I was recently in a relationship but we decided that perhaps we got together too fast before really getting to know each other. Truly understanding someone is really important, you should be best friends first before being anything else."

The sports host confessed that travelling for work has kept him busy. Just last week, he was in London and Madrid, where he interviewed football star Cristiano Ronaldo for ESPN's Castrol Football Crazy .

Henry likes lithe girls with slim wrists and ankles.

"But any woman can appear sexy by looking as if they are in complete control of their bodies. They must move

"Personality-wise, I like girls who are headstrong, outgoing, full of charisma, have lots of sex appeal and are proud
to be who they are."

For now, Henry admits that he's not looking for a serious relationship but said that he is open to"new experiences".

"So when are you sending me and (actress-host) Quan Yifeng on a date?" he asked playfully of the potential Tiger mate we picked for him.

PERSONAL AD: "Tall, dark,handsome male. Well travelled, enjoys long walks in parks, loves the smell of coffee on a Sunday morning, no long-term engagements necessary. And if it helps, I'm a Rabbit! Take that how you like it

LOVE WATCH 2010: This year, all Rabbits should avoid indulging excessively in luxury, wine and love. Make it a
point to be more attentive and sensitive to the people around you, a gentle word might work wonders in improving your relationship with others.


CHALLENGING WITH: Rooster, Rat, Horse

Quan Yifeng

Photo: TNP

THERE is nothing fantastic about being single, said popular TV host Quan Yifeng.

The affable 35-year-old, who's known for her straight-talking ways, couldn't have been more blunt about her single-
mum status.

"What's good about singlehood?

Absolutely nothing," she said.

"Everyone needs a life partner, someone with whom you share great chemistry.

"Being alone, it can get really lonely. Thankfully, for now, I have my daughter (10-year-old Eleanor) to keep me

Yifeng and her ex-husband, former actor Peter Yu, divorced January last year.

She revealed that some time in the middle of last year, she had a crush on someone.

"He's around 38, 39 and not working in the entertainment industry. But nothing worked out in the end. We didn't even start dating," she said.

This Tigress with the innate outgoing and confident characteristics of her zodiac sign said she "clicked best
with Pigs".

"My friends who are Pigs are usually a generous and happy bunch. I have a lot of fun hanging out with them."
But would she date a Rabbit?

When we showed her Henry Golding's picture, her eyes lit up.

"Hmm, he is certainly attractive," she said with a coy smile. "I'm kind of drawn to guys that look a bit mixed, you
know, Chinese-Caucasian. Don't you think my ex-hubby looks a bit like that too?"

Before we could answer, she gave her verdict on Henry.

"He is handsome, but cannot lah, he is so much younger than me!"

PERSONAL AD: "Looking for a responsible, mature man. MUSTbe older than me."

LOVE WATCH 2010: Patience is key for single Tigers this year, as you wait for the right one to appear in your life.


CHALLENGING WITH: Monkey, Snake, Tiger

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