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'We'd just fight whole time'

Radio deejay Shan Wee's wife is on a new reality show but won't think of having him on it. -TNP
Gerald Goh

Mon, Oct 31, 2011
The New Paper

SHE is one half of a team competing to be the best in decorating and furnishing a brand new luxury penthouse on the new interior design reality series The Apartment.

But Indonesian businesswoman Artika Sulaiman would definitely not have her husband, 987 deejay Shan Wee, as her reel-life partner.

She told The New Paper with a laugh: "I will not go on (The Apartment) with Shan because he will not do as I tell him.

"We'd just fight the whole time."

In The Apartment, Artika and fellow contestant Michael Burch vie against against two other pairs for the top prize of a Sime Darby Property condominium in Kuala Lumpur worth RM$530,000 (S$214,800).

It premieres tomorrow on AXN (StarHub Ch 511) at 8.10pm.

Artika joked: "If we were to do a reality show together, we should save that for when we're tired of each other and divorce is not a big deal."

Nevertheless, the couple - who are both 29 and got married in Bali in June - do find their connection off-camera.

She said: "Shan understands that efficiency is the most important thing in my life.

"By being with me, he's learnt to be efficient as well.

"For that, he's rewarded by me."

To which Wee added: "Rewarded with affection! She is very generous with her hugs."

He said the day he proposed to Artika was the best day of his life.

He recalled: "After leaving (the condominium apartment they share at Mount Sinai Lane) at 8am, I gave Artika a call and told her to go to the website (, of which I had purchased the domain rights.

"Besides a photo montage of us, the website told her to go out to the balcony, where she could look down and see where I had spelt out in giant letters, 'Will you marry me?'.

"I then joined her on the balcony and proposed to her in Bahasa Indonesia."

Magic words

Wee laughed hard when he compared his plan to how it actually turned out.

He said: "Guys have been educated to think that a proposal must be perfect.

"In a way it was, but Artika was so sleepy, her reaction was one of confusion rather than that of joy.

"(Nevertheless) she said the magic words (after I proposed): 'I guess?'"

Married life has not changed either of them much.

Artika said: "I'm quite competitive and perhaps uptight at times. At the same time, I'm also the funnier one."

Wee agreed, saying: "She's way more motivated (than I am). She'll be the one organising dinner events with friends while I'm the more relaxed, easy-going kind.

"We make a good team together."

Wee also said he was absolutely "comfortable" with his wife working in close quarters with Burch, a 29-year-old American and former marketing executive who is between jobs, on The Apartment.

Artika and Burch got to know each other at the wedding of a mutual friend in Singapore three years ago and bonded quickly despite their personality differences.

Their relationship remains strictly professional.

Artika said: "I know Michael and I'm definitely not his type.

"He'd prefer someone who's less dainty and more roughhouse," adding that the "very witty" Burch had played up her competitive side to get her to participate on The Apartment.

She said: "Michael and I are alike in that we both share a highly competitive and really stubborn streak.

"There were some (stressful) moments on the show when I wanted to throttle him.

"It didn't happen, but I pictured it a lot."

While filming The Apartment in Kuala Lumpur in July and August this year, Artika found herself examining her own home with a critical eye.

She said: "We didn't fully renovate our apartment because of financial limitations.

"We still plan to upgrade our home piecemeal, as money permits - we'd probably get a new couch or a new television (first). "If I had the money, I would definitely deck this place out to my heart's desire!"

Wee said: "This apartment is definitely Artika's, as far as the layout and wall colours go.

"If it was up to me, I'd have Kurt Cobain or Che Guevara posters on the wall. I'm still very much in the (college) student mindset when it comes to decorating."

But only for decorating, though.

Wee said: "Even though we've been married for only a few months, we're open to the idea of starting a family.

"If it comes, it comes."

Artika joked: "If (a baby) showed up at the door, I definitely wouldn't kick it out."

On that note, Wee definitely had a priority for their abode's makeover.

He said: "It's very important to me that a family should eat at a dinner table, so that's something we'd like to add to our home."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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