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Greedy Ghost star easy with his money

Taiwanese comedian Kang Kang stars in Mark Lee's new film. -TNP
Kwok Kar Peng

Sun, Aug 12, 2012
The New Paper

Money may be the root of many fall-outs between friends, but actor-host Kang Jin Rong still has unshakeable faith in his friends.

The 45-year-old Taiwanese, who's more commonly known as Kang Kang, has no qualms about lending huge sums of money to friends in need.

The largest amount he has loaned?

A hefty NT$10million ($415,600).

He told The New Paper in an interview on Monday that a friend was facing financial problems and the latter's house had been seized.

Kang was reluctant to say more, only that this friend has returned less than half of the loan.

He was in Singapore to promote Greedy Ghost, a local movie directed by Boris Boo and starring Henry Thia, Jesseca Liu and Malaysian actor Brendan Yuen.

Kang plays Lim, an unlucky man who becomes rich after finding a book that reveals winning lottery numbers.

Local comedian Mark Lee, who's also executive producer of the horror comedy, voices the part of the spirit residing in the book.

The movie sneaks into cinemas this weekend and opens on Aug 16.

While Kang's character Lim falls out with his buddies after becoming a millionaire, Kang said he's still friends with those who owe him money.

One of them is Taiwanese comedian Ma Guo Bi.

Said Kang in Mandarin: "(Ma) had gambled on football and borrowed NT$2 million from me to pay off other loans.

"The other people charged interest while I didn't, so he was eager to clear those loans first.

"If my money can change his life, I'm okay with lending it to him."

He added Ma still owes him NT$190,000.

To help Ma further, Kang hired the latter to host his baby son's party and deducted Ma's hosting fee of NT$30,000 from the debt.

"I've got to help friends in need," Kang said.

He and his wife Zhang Jiapei, 27, welcomed their first child Zi Han two months ago.

Like father, like son

Kang said the boy is very much like him - they even share the same birthdays and blood type.

Madam Zhang had accompanied Kang to Malaysia for the filming of Greedy Ghost when the couple found out she was pregnant.

While his wife, her mother and the nanny take care of the infant most of the time, Kang said he's adept at nappy-changing, feeding the baby and soothing him when he cries.

Madam Zhang, who was at the interview, said Kang learnt his baby-handling skills from friends.

Fatherhood has changed his outlook on life. "I wasn't scared of anything in the past. I had jumped off buildings and kissed crocodiles (in variety shows)," he said.

"I don't do any of that now. I must be healthy to take care of my family."

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