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Young, female and very obnoxious

Ron Monterio auditioned 200 girls but none was suitable except Jillian Lim, who could also read the news well. -ST

Sat, Nov 17, 2012
The Straits Times

SINGAPORE - Who: Jillian Lim, 22, better known as Jill on the programme

Role: "The Girl On The Show" and the newsreader, who also reads traffic news

Lim is the firecracker little sister of the trio - sassy and unafraid to speak her mind, even in the presence of her seniors Rod Monteiro and Andre Marc Hoeden.

She is the younger sister of the show's previous newsreader Audrey Lim, who left to do her law pupillage.

Sis Jill was hardly the immediate choice to replace her. In fact, in Hoeden's words: "She was our last choice, really the last. The last person to come for the last interview, the last everything."

Monteiro adds: "It was a mistake. We were very, very drunk and saw her and thought she had a nice voice."

To which a slightly exasperated Lim says: "Can you tell the truth?"

They auditioned 200 girls. "We wanted to find a girl, to read the news and traffic, to sound credible. Because I don't think the guys are credible," says Monteiro.

But after failing to find someone suitable, Lim was recommended by Audrey who told the male duo that she could probably take on the job.

Back then in 2009, Lim was a first-year material science polytechnic student.

She plucked up the courage to go for an audition and blew everyone away. Monteiro says that "when she came in, she had the X-factor, she was probably the only one who made us laugh".

But that was not the only thing he remembered her for. Earlier, in 2007, there had been a "terrible" encounter when Lim, just 17, snuck into music festival SingFest without paying to watch the concerts, back when her older sister was a DJ.

Lim recalls: "When everything was finished already, the guards went: 'You don't have a tag, we saw you sneaking in.'"

At this point, Monteiro and Hoeden go: "There!" - a word the trio frequently use as a red flag in their conversations.

Lim continues: "They didn't want to let me go... and here comes Rod, with like 12,000 shining lights on him - I kid you not - and he goes, 'Oh, I'm Rod Monteiro, she's with me', then I got off."

Monteiro says: "It was terrible. She was rude, obnoxious in the car, quiet and just wanted to talk to her friend.

"Later when she came in and spoke to us, she confirmed that she was rude and obnoxious. And so, that is a perfect criterion for radio - to be rude, obnoxious, self-deprecating - and her humour is... the dark side of humour. Oh yeah, we wanted something like that."

However, a feisty woman like her was not what they had wanted initially. Hoeden says: "We were looking for someone more like a motherly figure - I think she's adding fire."

Monteiro adds: "She goes against the grain of everything that I wanted, so we said, 'Okay lah, can.'"

Lim, who is single, gleefully chips in: "Beggars can't be choosers."

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