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DJ Shan Wee pranked when legit meeting turns 'dirty'

What was supposed to be a routine meeting turned into an unexpected striptease for Shan Wee. -TNP
Catherine Robert

Sun, Apr 14, 2013
The New Paper

SINGAPORE - What was supposed to be a routine meeting turned into an unexpected striptease for Shan Wee.

On Wednesday, HOT FM 91.3's newest resident jock was pranked and put on the spot to learn some dirty dancing "stripper-esque" moves.

After being told he had to be at work at noon for a "totally legit meeting that he thought they should have", Wee turned up in the office with a list of things to discuss.

When the 31-year-old Chinese-Irish jock sat down to begin the "meeting", he was crept up on and blindfolded, and was then dragged to Attica Too at Clarke Quay for a surprise.

Wee said: "This thing about challenging each other had been mentioned before but only in theory, I thought.

"So when they blindfolded me, I was like, 'Oh my goodness, it's actually happening'.

It took Cheryl Miles, 37, from Hot FM 91.3's drivetime slot The Shan and Cheryl Show, a whole week to set up this prank on her on-air partner.

After he was blindfolded and bundled into a car, Wee channelled his inner Liam Neeson from Taken and tried to decipher where the turns of the car were taking him.

Wee said: "They were mentioning stuff about Sentosa and skydiving just to throw me off."

DJ Shan Wee pranked when legit meeting turns 'dirty'
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Miles added: "He was thinking aloud in the car saying that it's 12.30pm - where could we possibly be going?"

When the gang finally reached their destination, Shan immediately knew where he'd been taken.

"I knew the shape of Attica. When they took the blindfold off me, I was on stage surrounded by four beefcake hunks."

"Then I thought they were going to show me moves and I was going to have to give Cheryl a lap dance."

"And I thought that would be it, never did I think that any stripping would be involved," said Wee.

Wee and Miles were paired just a month ago yesterday, when he joined the radio station after his return from Bali. He and his wife lived there for a year to run her family's event business.

After the four Australian men showed him their signature moves, Wee had to perform them for a mystery woman on stage just half an hour after they were taught to him.

Once the stage lights were set up and Wee was dressed in his easily removable fireman uniform, it was show time. The fireman helmet on his head was tilted forward to cover his eyes, while the mystery woman seated on the chair in the middle of the stage looked away from him.

Wee bravely walked on stage - only to be shocked to see who was waiting there.


It turned out to be his wife, 31-year-old Indonesian event organiser Artika Sulaiman.

"I thought they were going to hire someone that would make me really, really uncomfortable to be the subject of my lap dance," said Wee."

"And to think that I felt guilty for leaving Tika and my eight-month-old son Ciaran slightly earlier for a work meeting... I was surprised but I think a part of me suspected she would be on stage, only because she would do this kind of thing."

Miles said: "I actually didn't want to go as far as getting Shan to strip."

"But when I told Tika about the plan and I said that I wouldn't go too far, she was the one who suggested he should be made to go all the way, don't hold back."

Completely taken aback by the whole prank yet sporting enough to complete the dare, the HOT FM DJ is now worried about how the videos and pictures will turn out.

He laughed: "You'll never know how these photos will look and that will just be what you're forever known for."

"Especially because I'm under spotlights and naked right down to my boxers, I don't want any headline to be Shan Wee... he really is Wee."

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