Final Taken movie promises to be biggest in action and emotions

Final Taken movie promises to be biggest in action and emotions

LONDON - After Taken 1 and 2 became global box office sensations in 2008 and 2012 respectively, the third sequel is now here to start off 2015.

In the movie series, Liam Neeson plays ex-CIA operative Bryan Mills who goes all out to protect his family. In the widely received Taken 1, Mills' daughter (played by Maggie Grace) was kidnapped by human traffickers and eventually rescued by her skilled father. In Taken 2, Mills' ex-wife Lenore (played by Famke Janssen) became the target who was taken.

Though no doubt a box office success as well, audiences began to question the continuity of the Taken franchise after the second movie. Olivier Megaton, director of Taken 2 and 3, expressed that a third movie was actually not in the plans back then, and when subsequently approached to direct Taken 3, knew that that having yet another character being taken will no longer work in the sequel.

"We don't want to fool the audience, and the audience is not stupid," Megaton told during the interview in London.

So instead, the premise of Taken 3 is set with Lenore being murdered and Mills framed for it. While evading the relentless pursuit of the police, Mills set out to track down the real killers, clear his name and also protect the only thing that matters to him now -- his daughter.

Megaton is confident of the latest instalment, and said: "Taken 3 is entirely different (from the previous installments), there are more emotions and the actions are bigger too."

After this, nothing will be taken from the Mills family anymore, Megaton and Neeson assured: "This is it!"

A dramatic car versus plane scene, fighting in a convenience store, along with dirt, sewage and heavy firearms are some of the highlights of the upcoming movie.

World's toughest dad's take on memes of himself

Since the first movie, the franchise has been a significant highlight in Liam Neeson's career, as the role of unexpected action hero provided fodder for creative internet memes, sending the online community into a frenzy.

We showed Liam Neeson popular memes featuring various characters he has portrayed over the years, and the seasoned actor was momentarily at a loss for words, then expressed his thanks and appreciates the compliments of being "meme-fied", saying: "I'm very blessed."

Back at home, Neeson's son used to request his father to recite his famous lines in Taken. "If I have a penny for every time I left a message on one of my son's friend's answering machine, I'd be very rich," Neeson laughed.


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