Keeping fat is so easy: Chapman To

Keeping fat is so easy: Chapman To
(From left) Chapman To, Hong Kong comedic actor, Mark Lee, local comedian and Michelle Ye, Hong Kong-based actress, during the press meeting to promote the upcoming movie, King Of Mahjong.

Hong Kong comedic actor Chapman To sported a taut hot bod in R21 sex comedy Naked Ambition 2, which aired in cinemas in April. But the 42-year-old has gone from taut to tubby.

To, who met the Singapore media yesterday to promote upcoming movie King Of Mahjong, showed off his pudgy figure. The six-pack is now a barrel.

The film, which also stars local comedian Mark Lee and Hong Kong-based actress Michelle Ye, is slated for release in the first quarter of next year.

Lee, 45, plays mahjong expert Huang Tian Ba who wants to challenge his rival, fellow mahjong expert Ah Fatt (To), to a final showdown.

Ye, 34, plays To's former wife.

To, whose figure fluctuates between taut and fat depending on the roles he plays, said jokingly in a mix of Cantonese, Mandarin and English: "I don't feel the need to keep fit.

"I think now I am more about 'keeping fat'. Keeping fat is so easy, keeping fit is so silly."

He laughed and added: "I no longer have my six-pack muscles. Now, I have one big blob.

"I tell myself that even if my figure is as good as Aaron Kwok's, I will never look as good as him. So I might as well be fat."

Ye chipped in: "I am so disappointed that Chapman looks like this. I thought he will still have his six-pack. "He owes me a hot bod. The next time I act with him again, I hope he trains harder." Filming for the movie took place in Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore over the past month.

The cast told the Singapore press that the most unforgettable part of filming was feasting on good food throughout Malaysia.

To said: "We always look forward to the food during filming. But surprisingly, I haven't gained any weight at all despite eating so much."

The actor explained that he has been exercising daily just to pig out the whole day.

"Even though I am chubby now, at least my weight has stayed the same. I feel guilty if I don't go to the gym in the morning," To said.

"Just yesterday morning, I went to the gym at 4.30am. I ran quite a lot and then ate a lot after that."

No airs

To sang praises of Lee, calling him "a No. 1 actor who does not put on airs".

Lee returned the favour, saying that To is very natural and easy-going. It is their first time being cast together.

Lee said he was initially apprehensive about working with To.

He had heard that To would often sprout vulgarities on set.

Lee said: "But he was so polite and gentle, and even bowed when he saw me. I knew he was only putting up a front, so I told him to just be himself."

He added: "After that, we started cracking jokes and really got along. We would even go for dinner after filming."

Of all the food he has tasted so far, To especially likes the chilli crabs and durians here, feasting on the king of fruit for two days straight.

He said: "In Singapore, it's really warm during the day, but cool at night.

"It is nice to sit in a non-air-conditioned coffee shop and just pig out on local cuisine."

This article was published on Aug 26 in The New Paper.

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