Movie review: Night at the Museum: Three's a crowd

Movie review: Night at the Museum: Three's a crowd
Cinema Still : Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb

It's a regular day in London: chilly, gloomy, wet. And for Ben Stiller, it seems all too familiar.

"When we were filming, it rained every single day," he says, followed with an eye roll and a smile.

The 49-year-old actor is back in the city where his latest film, "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb," was shot. The whole gang has returned, too: director Shawn Levy and actors Owen Wilson, Sir Ben Kingsley, Rebel Wilson and Dan Stevens.

The third and final instalment of the action-adventure series, about museum displays on a stroll, sees Stiller's Larry Daley character traveling to the British Museum to repair the magical Egyptian tablet that enables the exhibits to come to life at night.

Those who've come for the pounding sound and CGI spectacle won't be disappointed-and Levy is wise to focus the story less on the wild creatures and more on the historical characters, including favorites Theodore Roosevelt (Robin Williams), Jedadiah (Owen Wilson) and Octavius (Steve Coogan).

Joining the cast are Kingsley (as Merenkahre the pharaoh), Stevens (in a scene-stealing turn as Sir Lancelot), and the sensational Rebel Wilson, as Tilly the museum night guard.

"Coming to it fresh, you are invited to join a very confident group who are joyful about what they're doing," says Kingsley. "They're very comfortable in their own skin, in their own words."

Which may be the reason the cast members seem cozy with each other throughout our conversation, throwing quips and exchanging giggles.

"A lot of people don't know that we're related, but clearly we're both blonde," Rebel says of Owen. "And my dad has taught me a lot about comedy. Unfortunately he cast me out of the Australian wilderness when I was only a baby, but I have forgiven him."

The film was fun to shoot, the cast says, and it shows in the final product, a fuzzy and fitting farewell to the franchise. While "Night at the Museum's" ingenious concept isn't as fascinating as when the first movie was released in 2006, it still manages to surprise, thanks to the new character Laaa, Larry's Neanderthal doppelganger, played with amusing physicality by Stiller himself. And look out for a cameo by a massive A-lister, whose self-parody will bring in a few laughs.

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