New site tests how alike some S'pore celebs, leaders look

New site tests how alike some S'pore celebs, leaders look

From the creators of the horribly viral come a brand new webpage to indulge in. taps into Microsoft's FaceAPI - the same system that powers - to see how similar two people are in appearance.

Are they so similar that they're practically twins, or are they just distantly related?

We decide to test it on well known Singaporeans to see whether the website legitimately works, or if it meets the same kinks that met with.

1. Lee Hsien Loong and Lee Kuan Yew

Of course, we begin with Singapore's most well known father-son duo. Seems that PM Lee can easily pass off as his late father's son, with a 81 per cent twin score.

2. Li Shengwu, Li Hongyi, and Lee Kuan Yew

Next, we crank it up one generation gap. Comparing Lee Kuan Yew with his two most notable grandsons, we see that Shengwu bears a stronger resemblance to his grandfather, though not by much.

A little more fodder to Shengwu vs Hongyi debates.

3. Edmund Chen, Xiang Yun, and their son Chen Yixi

Next, we take a look at Chen Yixi, son of veteran actors Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun, who also enjoyed a brief stint in acting. Seems like Yixi gets his looks from his father, yet the connection to his mother is questionable.

4. Jayley and Hayley Woo

To really test out the Twin recognition tool, we used it on real life twins Jayley and Hayley Woo. The Singaporean actresses are known for their television and movie spots, but fall slightly short of the twin test. They're definitely related though.

5. Glenda Chong and Celeste Chong

Can't tell if award-winning Channel NewsAsia presenter Glenda Chong and local actress and model Celeste Chong are sisters? TwinsOrNot says that they're definitely related.

6. Barbarella and Leticia

Both Noose stars Barbarella and Leticia are definitely related, though we probably expected that score to be a little higher, if you know what I mean.

7. Aloysius Pang and Shawn Lee

Both these Singaporean boy actors are well known for looking eerily similar. thinks so too, and are just 1 per cent short of Barbarella and Leticia. 

8. Valerie Wang and Gong Li

Perhaps notable blogger and Instagram star Valerie Wang should take up acting. Her resemblance to Chinese Actress Gong Li is off the charts, even with the twenty-plus years age difference.

9. Khaw Boon Wan and Henry Thia

Like there was ever any doubt that this pair would take the cake. After all, they even share Google Images results.

Of the pairs tested, they got the highest twin score of 93 per cent, and TwinsOrNot says that they are almost identical!

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