Taking care of business: Denzel Washington

Taking care of business: Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington in The Equalizer.

No one takes care of business quite like Denzel Washington.

On-screen, he does an exemplary job of sorting out whatever mess that's put in front of him.

You want him to save a train, like in Unstoppable? No problem.

How about saving a plane, as he does in Flight? Sure!

In The Book Of Eli, he saves The Bible, for goodness' sake.

The thing that really makes Washington truly amazing is that he's just as good at taking care of business where it really counts - at the box office.

Almost all his films do well, mostly just because he's in them.

The Equalizer, opening in cinemas here tomorrow, is sure to be no different.

Let's take a closer look at the many ways the mighty Washington gets the job done.



Criminals, don't you ever learn? You never, ever, ever mistreat a young woman while anywhere in the vicinity of Denzel Washington. You're basically just begging to have unthinkable violence inflicted upon your person.

Washington plays Robert McCall, a genial hardware store employee who likes to offer pep talks to a working girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) at the local diner.

When he sees the girl get smacked around by her pimp, McCall pays the guy a visit, sparking off a one-man war against the Russian mob.

It's a feel-good story.

A feel-good story in which Washington, just for starters, gouges out a guy's eyeball with a shot glass.


BUDGET: US$50 million (S$62 million)

GROSS: Probably really good


FLIGHT (2012)

Washington plays the ultimate alpha male, a pilot who turns a passenger jet UPSIDE DOWN in order to prevent it from crashing. It's one of the great moments in cinema history. Unfortunately he ends up in a lot of trouble because of his alcoholism, but he faces the music for his boozing in an impressively manly fashion.


BUDGET: US$31 million

GROSS: US$162 million



If you ever wind up on a runaway train that's filled with toxic chemicals, pray that Washington is the engineer. He will not only rescue you and his handsome sidekick (Chris Pine), but a whole city full of innocent peeps. Only Washington has the experience, the wisdom, the guts and the handsomeness to save the day.


BUDGET: US$95 million

GROSS: US$168 million


BOOK OF ELI (2010)

The apocalypse isn't for sissies, and Washington proves he's got what it takes to not only survive but thrive in our doomed future. He plays a guy on a mission to save the last known Bible, and he's got a couple of very interesting secrets I won't reveal here. Suffice it to say there's something going on behind his sunglasses, and his memorisation skills are off the chain.


BUDGET: US$80 million

GROSS: US$157 million



Sometimes Washington uses his powers for evil, like in this flick. He plays a guy who rises up from nothing to be a gangster kingpin. Along the way he's dogged by a pudgy cop played by Russell Crowe. The amazing thing is that even when he's a baddie, Washington is over-the-top charming. Certainly more charming than Crowe!


BUDGET: US$100 million

GROSS: US$266 million

This article was first published on Sep 24, 2014.
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