Twilighters defanged

Twilighters defanged
Cast member Kellan Lutz attends the premiere of the film "The Expendables 3" in Los Angeles August 11, 2014.

It has been almost two years since Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 hit theatres.

It was the twilight of the Twilight films, the end of an era.

The franchise made stars out of its young cast - Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson most of all, but also supporting players such as Kellan Lutz.

He stars in the new Sylvester Stallone movie The Expendables 3, opening here tomorrow.

Lutz plays Smilee, a young buck who joins Stallone on a mission to take down his nemesis, a sleazy arms dealer played by Mel Gibson.

It's a big role for Lutz, the sort of role that could help cement his reputation as a real action star.

Let's see how he's doing as compared to his fellow Twilighters.

Kellan Lutz

The action hero? 

In Twilight: Lutz played the hunky Emmett Cullen, part of Edward's "vegetarian" vampire family. He usually only had about two or three lines per film, but his strong physical presence helped him stand out. A bit like Hodor in Game Of Thrones.

After Twilight: Let's face it, Lutz is never going to be Oscar material. He's going after roles in action movies, most of them of the low budget variety.

Since graduating from Twilight, he starred in the terrorist thriller Java Heat and The Legend Of Hercules. He was actually more convincing as the Greek hero than Dwayne Johnson, whose Hercules was far more successful at the box office. Now that Lutz is starring in The Expendables 3, it's hard not to see it as a passing of the torch from Sly to Lutz.

Post-Twilight rating: 6/10

Kristen Stewart

The serious actress?

In Twilight: Stewart was of course the star of the show, Bella Swan. Her love for the vampire Edward led to chaos and death, but in the end she got the guy, which is all that matters.

After Twilight: Before Twilight, Stewart was an indie darling, and now she seems to be returning to her roots. Surprisingly, she had no movies out in 2013.

This year she'll have four: Camp X-Ray, in which she plays a Guantanamo guard; Clouds Of Sils Maria, an arty piece about crazy actresses; Anesthesia, a drama set at a college; and finally Still Alice, a show about Alzheimer's. Stewart seriously wants us to take her seriously, guys. Seriously.

Post-Twilight rating: 7/10

Robert Pattinson

The indie guy?

In Twilight: From the moment Earth's ladies laid eyes upon Pattinson's Edward Cullen, they loved him. Or was it just lust? Maybe both.

After Twilight: Pattinson has been quite busy since, and is finally being seen as more than a hairstyle.

He has some very good reviews as a gang member in the post-apocalyptic flick The Rover, and as a chauffeur in Maps To The Stars. But nothing he's done has had much traction at the box office.

And none of the movies he's got lined up for the next couple of years - Queen Of The Desert, Life, Idol's Eye - look like they're going to put bums in seats either.

Post-Twilight rating: 7/10

Taylor Lautner

The leading man?

In Twilight: Poor Lautner had the thankless job of playing Jacob, a werewolf who could never get out of the friend zone with Bella.

After Twilight: Lautner seems to be having more trouble than the rest landing solid work.

He's in a tough spot because he's a natural for action films, but he's too closely associated with the ultimate chick franchise. Lautner's previous bomb Abduction probably isn't helping his case. So far he's had just a bit role as an evil frat boy in Grown Ups 2. Later this year he stars as a bike messenger wanted by the mafia in Tracers.

Post-Twilight rating: 4/10

Anna Kendrick

The movie star?

In Twilight: Playing Bella's dorky frenemy Jessica, Kendrick didn't really get to show her stuff.

After Twilight: Perhaps it's a bit surprising that Kendrick seems to be the break out star. She starred with George Clooney in Up In The Air, was a hit in Pitch Perfect, and will appear in December's star-studded musical-movie Into The Woods.

Post-Twilight rating: 8/10

Ashley Greene

The scream queen?

In Twilight: Surely the most adorable vampire in the whole series, Greene played Bella's bestie Alice.

After Twilight: Greene has so far appeared in two scary movies - Burying The Ex and Random, neither of which saw much success. Greene's good looks will always get her roles, but it's debatable whether she'll ever find a major role.

Post-Twilight rating: 5/10

Nikki Reed

The Jobber?

In Twilight: Many fans thought Reed wasn't pretty enough to play Edward's sister Rosalie, but in the end she made the character her own.

After Twilight: Reed chugs along appearing in whatever comes her way. Since Twilight she's done a bunch of different flicks, from Dwayne Johnson's Empire State to Pawn with Forest Whitaker.

Post-Twilight rating: 6/10

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