Charred body found in Aljunied Crescent bedroom with cooking gas cylinder after fire breaks out

Wednesday, Dec 06, 2017
Photo: Shin Min Daily News

Police are investigating the cause of an unnatural death after a charred body of a man was found in the bedroom following a fire at Block 99 in Aljunied Crescent.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) told Stomp that they were first alerted to the incident on 2.16pm yesterday (Dec 4).

Stomp contributor Michael, who was staying at the block when the fire occurred, spoke to Stomp, "I heard a knock on my door and my neighbour told me that there was a fire."

"I quickly went down and there was already a big crowd at the void deck," said the Stomp contributor.


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He saw smoke billowing out from the window of a 9th floor unit.

By then, SCDF officers had already arrived and had to conduct forced entry as the main door was locked. They also subsequently gained access into the burning bedroom through a window along the corridor.

The fire involved the contents of a bedroom and was extinguished with a water jet.

Window panes of the bedroom were found shattered prior to SCDF's arrival and a charred body of a man was also found in the bedroom.

In response to queries from Stomp, the police said that the man was found lying motionless and was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene.

Stomp understands that a cooking gas cylinder was found in the bedroom of the affected unit.

SCDF is also investigating the cause of the fire.