Forum letter writer claims tattooing is as addictive as taking drugs - netizens hit back

Forum letter writer claims tattooing is as addictive as taking drugs - netizens hit back
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It is quite common to see people on the streets with a tattoo or two nowadays, but the stigma associated with tattooed persons in society still seems to never fade away, especially in Singapore.

While some may appreciate tattoos as an art form and self-expression, others deem it unnecessary and even a form of self-injury.

And that was what Miss Lee Kay Yan, a forum writer, thought - getting a tattoo can be as addictive as taking drugs, as one can "get a high from the pain inflicted by the tattooing needle".

Miss Lee's forum letter, titled "Tattooing may also be sign of pent-up emotions", was published by The Straits Times on Monday (July 24).

Overall, the article criticised the choice of getting a tattoo for a multitude of reasons:

  • Tattooing is a form of self-injury
  • Tattooing could be a sign of pent-up emotions
  • Tattooing is as addictive as taking drugs
  • Tattooing entails bad consequences in the long run, such as difficulty in getting a job
  • It is harder to remove a tattoo than getting it

Miss Lee also suggested that tattoo parlours should refuse young customers who are unable to make informed decisions, especially teenagers who want to get tattooed out of peer pressure or without their parents' knowledge.

The forum letter has, however, met with backlash as many netizens found the article to be exaggerated and overgeneralising people with tattoos.

Others chose to attack the writer's worldview and character.

Some agreed with the writer's opinion too.

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