How to avoid post-vacation blues

Sunday, Dec 31, 2017
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Unplug from technology

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Your brain can't function well if you don't give it rest, so check out mentally when you're away. Do an all-round digital detox. If that's too difficult, set a fixed time daily to check your email and stick to it. Restrict the time spent and only reply to urgent messages.

Take a day off to readjust

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It may seem like a waste of time, but an extra day off after your trip can help mentally prepare you to go back to work. Use the time to unpack and run errands. Sleep early too so that you'll feel refreshed on your first day back at the office.

Organise your workspace

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Studies show that a clean desk promotes productivity, so tidying up your office space and computer desktop will help you focus. I personally like spring cleaning before a trip, rather than after one, so that I don't come back to a messy desk.

Show gratitude

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The link between thankfulness and well-being is clear. Researchers have found that gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces depression. Say thank you to your travel companions, and keep a journal to record your trip's best moments.

Keep visual memories

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Findings suggest that recalling happy memories improves your well-being. Take lots of photos during your trip. When the going gets tough, scroll through them and that'll put a smile back on your face. Or buy souvenirs and display them prominently on your desk.

This article was first published in Shape