Ladies, here are the most eligible bachelors this year

Ladies, here are the most eligible bachelors this year
Rhyce Lein and Gary lim
PHOTO: CLEO Singapore

It's getting hot in here, and we're sure it has something to do with the CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors 2017.

Have a tall glass of water ready, because CLEO has trawled the island for the creme de la creme of the male species.

This year, the 22nd edition of the annual hunt promises to be hotter than ever.

Amongst the 30 Bachelors are YouTube personalities Benjamin Zhong and J. Jai Kishan from Wah Banana, musician Leon Markcus, as well as a wide range of adorable flight stewards, CEOs, lawyers and chefs.

Alfred Tan

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 26

Occupation: Marketing and Communications Manager

Find him on Instagram: @allephantalfred

Alfred studied Molecular Biotechnology for his diploma, but it didn't take him long to realise that a life in science wasn't for him

He had always been interested in fashion and so decided to do a degree in PR and mass communication before landing a job in the skincare industry as a marketing and communications manager.

He claims he's an "ahjumma at heart", and has been cooking since he was nine years old

He makes a mean double-boiled chicken soup. He also speaks seven languages.

His ideal date revolves around spending time to really get to know a person, because "communication is really lacking in the world today"

But just FYI, he thinks dinner-and-a-movie dates are boring.

Amos Ngeow

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 25

Occupation: Co-founder of Prestige Wear

Find him on Instagram: @amosngeow

He is a partner in a successful men's suit venture called Prestige Wear, as well as a Chinese and English emcee

He credits his time organising camps in polytechnic for teaching him how to work a crowd.

Dinner dates are a "classic move"

Amos believes a dinner date is a great way to show a girl your character. To him, little things like pulling out a chair or making her feel safe are important.

While he's a firm believer in working out and eating well, he admits his favourite dish is KFC chicken…

but he only eats it once every two months.

Badruddin Ramle

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 27

Occupation: Bank Analyst

Find him on Instagram: @baddcheeks

He's a professional dancer

He dances at bars, clubs and hen parties "in the style of Magic Mike". His love for dance started with hip-hop, but he gradually ventured into other genres and started doing this type of performance dancing last year.

It's hard for him to date because of his side job

Girls get insecure about his Magic Mike-type job (which is done professionally, mind you), but he understands because clients sometimes not only hit on him, but touch him inappropriately.

He also works at Universal Studios Singapore

He's a stilt-walker at the theme park, where he takes on the role of an Anubis.

Benjamin Zhong

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 27

Occupation: Dance Instructor and YouTube Personality

Find him on Instagram: @thisisbenzo

He started dancing 11 years ago

His passion for dancing started when he was 16 and watching MTV. He's into b-boying and hip-hop, as well as some popping and locking. He's been a dance instructor for about six years.

He started his YouTube career three years ago

He used to post dance videos on YouTube, before he "got lazy". Now, he's part of the Wah!Banana family.

He's not looking for a perfect girl

To him, looks are only a small part of what he looks for in an ideal girlfriend. Rather, he's looking for someone who is understanding, mature and able to get his sense of humour.

Boris Tan

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 26

Occupation: Insurance Agent

Find him on Instagram: @oxymoboron

He joined Channel U's Superband before

"There was this guy in our band who was extremely good-looking. After we went for the audition, he got published on iWeekly a few days later for being the youngest and most good-looking contestant, so I think we got in because of him, and not because we made good music (laughs)."

He learns everything from YouTube

Boris knows boxing, barbering, how to make a website and how to do bodyweight exercises - and he picked up all of these skills just by watching YouTube videos.

He thinks a good conversation is the key to an ideal date

The 26-year-old is quite the talker, so we were hardly surprised. "I think intelligence is a very sexy thing… For a nice date, conversation has to happen. It should be a two-way thing."

Carter Huff

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 24

Occupation: Sales Coach

Find him on Instagram: @carter.huff7

He loves cooking and his signature dish is Jambalaya

To Carter, the best thing about cooking is cooking for other people. His mum loves Asian food so he cooks Malay food sometimes, but he personally loves cooking Western dishes.

He also bakes

He has a signature brownie dish that his friends often request on their birthdays. "The only way to find out how it tastes is to just eat it for yourself. It's delicious."

He loves dancing

He recently started learning hip-hop dance, and used to do West Coast swing. To him, the only thing more fun than dancing is dancing with someone else.

Clarence Lee

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 25

Occupation: Post-graduate Student

Find him on Instagram: @clarenceleeyongchuen

He's a Ted Mosby

The architect-in-training says he used to play with LEGO blocks a lot when he was younger, and it naturally developed into a love for building things. And just like Ted from How I Met Your Mother, he can talk endlessly about his favourite buildings. "My friends who are doing other degrees would have no idea what I'm talking about when I talk about architecture," he says. "If I want to put a person to sleep, I will talk about architecture."

He has a very excitable Golden Retriever who will be pleased to meet you

We told the boys they were allowed to bring their pets for this photoshoot, but Clarence decided not to bring his dog because it's not very well-behaved. "He gets very… excited (read: humps everything) when he sees people."

He has a lightsaber collection

Clarence shyly confessed he's a huge fan of Star Wars, and currently has seven lightsabers in his collection.

Derrick Khoo

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 36

Occupation: Corporate Lawyer

He has worked in Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai and Yangon

Derrick packed his bags and left Singapore 11 years ago to work overseas. "It's part of my hunger to get an international experience; to get out of my comfort zone and force myself to grow. And that keeps me going." He's currently the head of legal for an investment firm.

He gets mistaken as a Mainland Chinese sometimes, even in Singapore

"I've been in China for four years now, so I sometimes have a PRC accent. Cab drivers ask me, 'Are you Singaporean? You sound like you're from the Mainland.'"

He wanted to go into politics when he was 11

While most 11-year-olds are unsure of their ambitions, Derrick always knew he wanted to be in politics. "I looked at the politicians then and had a lot of respect for what they were doing. I listened to my family tell me about the roles they played, and I felt like it was very fulfilling. It's very challenging [and] requires a lot of leadership." He reveals that he still has plans to go into politics, even now.

Douglas Tan

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 24

Occupation: Barista and Owner of Tolido's Espresso Nook

Find him on Instagram: @blackrivertan

Douglas is the owner of Tolido's Espresso Nook

He took over the cafe from his mum and transformed it into what it is today.

In addition to studying part-time for a degree and running the cafe, Douglas can also play the piano, clarinet, saxophone and guitar

However, he doesn't like reading music and can actually play music by ear if someone hums the tune for him.

He enjoys free-diving and has gone diving in exotic places like the Maldives

While there, he made friends with a sea turtle the locals call "Parsley". He wants to travel to more exotic destinations like Machu Picchu and Hawaii.

Eddie Tan

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 26

Occupation: Co-founder and CEO of Visual Mass and 5:5

Find him on Instagram: @edegreat

He and fellow CLEO Bachelor Jerial are often mistaken for brothers

He gets it, though, because they both look alike and have the same surname. And really, seeing that they're old friends from polytechnic, business partners, and have been housemates for three years and counting, who can blame us for assuming?

He's a party boy

His love for partying led him and Jerial to start up their first business partnership. "When we were in polytechnic, we launched an events company to organise parties, so we'd hold parties and then we'd go to school in the morning." Today, you can usually spot him at Zouk or Cherry Discotheque on weekends.

He's fluent in Korean

Eddie is able to speak and write in Korean, partly because he travels to Korea very often for business.

Gabriel Lu

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 31

Occupation: Founder of The Jock Shop

Find him on Instagram: @ghlu86

He originally worked in finance until his boss "stole all my money"

After that, he got out of the cutthroat corporate world and found himself in the underwear business. The most popular type is the kind with "lifts" in them.

He doesn't do "simple dates"

Gabriel loves grand gestures and would totally ask a girl to meet him at the airport… and then whisk her away to Japan for a weekend of "hot springs and ramen".

He's lived on his own since he was 14 years old, which makes him super independent

He can even cook chicken rice from scratch with a recipe he got from his mum.

Gary Lim

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 21

Occupation: Student

Find him on Instagram: @garehhhhhh

He wants to meet everyone

When it comes to extroversion, it seems Gary is on another level. The Business Administration undergraduate says, "I really like to socialise and meet new people. Some even call me a social butterfly. I just want to see what the world has to offer."

His dating advice for guys? Don't procrastinate

Gary admits to being a procrastinator, but claims he's trying to break the habit. "When you're late for a date with your girlfriend, you don't want to get her angry, so it's better not to procrastinate in doing things like showering. [I'm guilty of this but] I'm fixing it (laughs)."

His most memorable date involved catching Pokemon

A romantic date doesn't always have to involve a candlelit dinner. Gary recalled that one of the most memorable dates he's had happened when Pokemon GO first came out. "We spent the whole day walking around different places catching Pokemon. It was very simple and didn't cost a lot, but we spent quality time together."

Hasli Hanafi

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 29

Occupation: Barista

Find him on Instagram: @khaslee

He's been making coffee for 13 years

He worked at Starbucks as a teenager because he thought it was cool to wear the green apron. His favourite type of coffee is a flat white, and he's in the midst of opening his own coffeehouse, The Wired Monkeys, at The Concourse.

He's a Jack of many trades

He has modelled for Apple and Beijing 101. He can also sing, and calls himself an "excellent" photographer.

He's a "marathon addict"

He loves running and covers 10km every other day.

Jax Liu Jiawei

Photo: CLEO Singaporeredits

Age: 23

Occupation: Undergraduate

Find him on Instagram: @jaxljw

His parents sent him to Singapore because he was a naughty kid

The NUS finance student is originally from China. The self-confessed "ADHD, high-energy" bachelor says his parents "exiled" him here when he was 15, as they felt he was out of control back home.

He's not one to shy away from hard work

He hasn't been taking money from his parents since he was 17, and tutors JC students in physics to support himself. He's also involved with a part-time internship and runs an events consulting platform with some friends.

He has a cool tattoo

It's an hourglass on his left arm to remind him that time is running out.

Jerial Tan

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 25

Occupation: Co-founder and CEO of Visual Mass and 5:5

Find him on Instagram: @jerial

He loves Korean style

One of the reasons why Jerial visits South Korea so often is because he fancies Korea's fashion-forwardness. "When I'm shopping in Singapore, I couldn't find the style I like." His must-go places in Seoul? "To unwind, CoffeeSmith at Garosugil, and for nightlife, Arena."

He always talks about work, but he wouldn't call himself a workaholic

"My group of friends all have their own businesses, so the topics we talk about are always about work or the places we want to travel to."

He's not exactly your typical organised traveller

"I'm the kind who goes there without a plan and books my tickets at the last minute."

Johan Sabri

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 23

Occupation: Undergraduate

He's quite the adventurous traveller

Johan admits that he likes to go for backpacking trips, and his most memorable one was to India.

A lot of people think he's arrogant - they're wrong

The undergraduate reckons that one of the biggest misconceptions people have about him is that he has a big ego. "Maybe because I don't [seem like] a person who talks much, so they think I'm arrogant; a little snobbish."

He once planned a picnic for his girlfriend… but didn't quite succeed

While he joked he could be a romantic if he just put in more effort, a date he planned in secondary school proves he's a pretty thoughtful guy. "I planned to bake a cake for the girl, prepare flowers and have a picnic, but I messed up the cake, so we just went out to have a picnic and a normal meal… It was quite romantic when the delivery guy came."

Jordan Telfer

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 26

Occupation: Sales Operations Executive

Find him on Instagram: @jordantelfer

He loves the great outdoors

Jordan is from a New Zealand town where there's a lot of lakes so naturally, he's into water sports and fishing. "My family lives by the sea, so we would go out and dive for crayfish and scallops."

He has an extensive travel bucket list

It includes the African plains, Mongolia and Nepal, and it's not surprising that most of the destinations he listed are known for their wildlife and nature!

He's trying not to be "that guy who talks about Crossfit all the time"

"I wouldn't say I'm a fitness junkie, I just enjoy working out. I tried Crossfit about six months ago and I haven't stopped since. It's very competitive, and there's a community built around it, so it's quite fun."

Kishan. J

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 23

Occupation: Actor

Find him on Instagram: @j.jaikishan

Kishan has made a name for himself on Channel 5, Toggle and YouTube

As a testament to his dedication, he learnt Chinese in just five days for a role! He also recently performed his first stand-up gig in March in front of a live audience.

He's currently learning to play the Indian sitar… from a Chinese teacher

He loves classical Indian music, which he says keeps him in touch with his roots.

His favourite movie is Jurassic Park because it embodies the magic of movies

Kishan would also be open to Bollywood and Hollywood if they ever came calling. But for now, he's focused on connecting with people through his acting here.

Leon Koh

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 26

Occupation: Creative Producer at SPH Radio and Executive Producer at YAAAS TV

Find him on Instagram: @leonism

He can sing and dance

He joined a Taiwanese singing competition and was one of the last two Singaporean contestants left standing. He's also into urban dance.

If you date him, he'll always send you home

"If I'm chasing after someone, I'll get to know her first and find out what she likes. I'll always send her home after a date. I'd also make her a three-course meal at some point."

He can make a mean steak

Apparently, he swears by Gordon Ramsay's recipe. This bachelor can make your mouth water in more ways than one, it seems.

Leon Markcus

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 21

Occupation: Musician

Find him on Instagram: @itsleonmarkcus

He reads up on quantum physics in his spare time

Bet you can't tell that he's a space geek. One of his favourite YouTube channels is Vsauce, an educational channel that covers topics like physics, space, human behaviour, and more. "I'm constantly hungry for information," he admits. FYI, he also has a favourite species of dolphins - the Baiji, which is found only in the Yangtze River in China. Why? "Their eyesight is not very good and they look so silly."

His alt-pop music may sound radio-friendly, but he sings about pretty heavy stuff

Themes this singer-songwriter covers include body image issues and childhood trauma. When asked why, Leon says he wants to create a safe space and let listeners know they can feel free to be themselves.

He's talks about his battles to help others

He hopes that by talking about battling anorexia nervosa, he can help to raise awareness about eating disorders and inspire others who are battling it to stay strong. "Back then, I didn't understand what it was all about, but now I know it's not always about vanity. It stems from emotional health and how you're coping mentally… I've learnt there are people who have a bigger capacity when it comes to dealing with emotions, and there are also people with a smaller capacity when it comes to this. But that doesn't make them inferior."

Lincoln Yeo

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 28

Occupation: Cadet Pilot

Find him on Instagram: @lincbyeo

Flying is his first love

"It's been a dream of mine since I was young. I used to travel a lot when I was a kid, and I'd be more excited about the plane ride than the actual holiday."

He's one-half of DJ duo Bounce Squad

His partner-in-crime is DJ Inquisitive, and besides producing remixes and original songs, they also have a penchant for sampling the most random sounds. Their highest-viewed video on Facebook so far, with close to two million views, is when they surprised a friend who was, um, in the midst of having sex.

He's actually quite a lousy drinker

Apparently, Lincoln gets tipsy after just one pint. It all works out, though, because he drives often so he has to stay sober.

Marcus Bay

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 24

Occupation: Model

Find him on Instagram: @itsmarcusbay

He was scouted by a modelling agency when he was bartending at Zouk at the age of 18

Since then, he has used modelling to put himself through school and is in the process of making plans to head to Melbourne to further his studies.

He really believes in true love, "you know, the stuff Nicholas Sparks' novels are made of…even though hardly anyone else does anymore"

But he's also never been in a relationship! "Nonetheless, I'm hoping to meet the right woman someday."

You may find him familiar because…

He's a model, so that means his face and body have been on posters and plastered across cabs.

Maung Han Zaw Oo

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 23

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Find him on Instagram: @zaaawoo

Watch out, he's a smooth-talker

Zaw Oo studied civil engineering in school but didn't enjoy it. He now runs a clothing business but also does a bit of sales on the side.

He's a romantic

This "emotional" bachelor says he "cares too much for his own good". The most romantic thing he's ever done for a girl was make her a scrapbook of memories.

He's got big dreams

He wants to own a hotel one day and is looking to join his father in the property field.

Nicholas Eugenius Lim

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 26

Occupation: Commis Chef

Find him on Instagram: @nickeugenius

He's a "mummy's boy"

And by that, he's referring to his side baking business, Mummy's Boy. He studied pastry and baking, and loves making tarts and cupcakes.

He has a famous sister

He's the older brother of blogger Eunice Annabel. When asked if his friends often ask him for her number, he says that they do, but he always just tells them to shut up. "I'm just really proud of her. She's very independent and has done a lot for herself."

He's not the partying type

He would rather focus on his dream of opening a pastry shop, and prefers wholesome fun. "Of course, partying once in a while is OK, but for me, not all the time."

Peter Ang Nielsen

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 22

Occupation: Diving Instructor

Find him on Instagram: @scubahunk

He is the world's youngest Doing It Right (DIR) diving instructor

Peter started diving when he was in the Naval Diving Unit during his National Service days, but it was a trip to Bali that inspired him to become a diving instructor. "My first commercial dive was in Bali. I saw this big shipwreck underwater, and the way to get to the wreck was to put on a tank and walk into the clear blue water. It amazed me."

He swears by the motto, "grow where you are planted"

Peter recalled seeing the motto on a banner at his secondary school. "I learnt this quote when I was in Secondary One. I started secondary school without my friends from

rimary school, and I was the only ang moh kid there. It was very nerve-wracking."

His most memorable date involved books

"I went out on a date once, and I told the girl we would be eating the best bak chor mee. We went to Kovan, but the stall was closed." Thankfully, his creativity made the date end on a happy note. "I took her to a bookstore. I looked at her and said: 'In five minutes, we'll meet back here but [before that], go and find a book that represents you.' We both scoured the library and met up. Then, we just shared our characteristics [based on our book choices]."

Raiz Razak

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 27

Occupation: Flight Steward

Find him on Instagram: @havesomeaiz

He's into extreme sports

Raiz does motocross, but ironically, his worst injury was a broken collarbone from a football game. The injury was so bad that he took half a year to recover from it, and had to go for physiotherapy because he had lost mobility in his right arm. Ouch.

He is well-travelled

When you've been a flight steward for five years, you clock up some serious mileage. Some of his favourite places includes Christchurch in New Zealand, and Isle of Skye in Scotland. South America is next on his list.

Unsurprisingly, his ideal girl is…

Someone he can go on adventures or road trips with. Makes perfect sense for someone who's been bitten by the travel bug, doesn't it?

Rhyce Lein

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 24

Occupation: General Manager of GuavaPass

Find him on Instagram: @rhyceyl

He does yoga

When asked why he enjoys doing yoga, Rhyce admits: "It comes down to the therapeutic and meditation side. When I'm in the yoga studio for an hour, my mind is focused there and then on that class… Being in a yoga studio allows me to sit back and reflect about myself and the day."

He left a cushy corporate job to set up his own business

"I moved to Singapore when I was 20. I was in a high position for my age and had a lot of responsibilities. I did have a passion for the work I was doing, but I wasn't getting what I wanted out of it. I wanted to be in a start-up. I wanted to see something grow and to start from the bottom."

He has an RBF

"If I meet someone new or when I'm in a situation, I tend to have a "resting b**ch

face", as my friends like to call it. It's not because I'm an unfriendly person but because my facial expressions come out a lot when I'm thinking. My thinking face isn't friendly (laughs)."

Richard Que

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 34

Occupation: Marketing Director

Find him on Instagram: @itsrichardque

He's got a lot on his plate

On top of his full-time job, this Chinese-Filipino bachelor lectures part-time at SIM, represents NUS in swimming competitions in the more "mature" segments, and is also a freelance model.

He loves travelling solo

"It's troublesome to travel in a group. Travelling alone allows you to do your own thing, and is a good time to reflect." He also speaks five languages.

He's, uh, very virile

He once visited a waterfall in Cambodia that's believed to help men become more virile. He also once ate a tiger's penis, which is believed by some Asian cultures to help one's sexual performance. "It tasted like a hot dog!"

Shawn Wong

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 24

Occupation: Financial Consultant

Find him on Instagram: @shawnischongmin

He's an outdoors enthusiast

He dislikes the conventional nine-to-five job and prefers interacting with people. He also loves sports, especially football, handball and basketball.

He loves performing

He is part of the Urban Drum Crew, which he joined eight years ago when he was 16. He has performed both here and abroad.

He loves fast food

His favourite? Long John Silver's. He has a theory about fast food: "Once it's fried, it's always right."

Syafiq Kamal

Photo: CLEO Singapore

Age: 31

Occupation: Creative Manager and Personal Trainer

Find him on Instagram: @psyfig

He works full-time for a PR agency and also part-time as a personal trainer

He's also in the process of picking up a new sport - mixed martial arts - which he thinks is a great way to workout and learn self-defence at the same time.

Syafiq can do a perfect rendition of the MRT's "please stand clear of the doors" announcement (seriously, you need to hear this)

Not only can he do it in the official four languages, he's added Tagalog and Japanese to the mix! He says he loves learning languages and taught himself Chinese.

He thinks a girl's most attractive quality is her laugh

But most importantly, it's what the laugh means. "I think it feels good to know we've connected."

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