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The MNHRC report stated inexact and incorrect data, she says. -Media Eleven/ANN
Bird flu can infect humans through wild birds, chickens, Muscovy duck, chicken-feed and syringes used on birds. -Eleven Myanmar/ANN
Myanmar government plans to combat the use of unofficial tuition to gain privileged treatment from teachers. -Eleven Myanmar/ANN
3,877 Myanmar citizens and nine foreigners arrested in connection with illegal log smuggling. -Eleven Myanmar/ANN
Angry crowd discontent with district judge's 15-year jail sentence on man who raped an underage girl rallied in front of judge's house. -Eleven Myanmar/ANN
Political reform is 57 per cent tied to the real estate market, followed by economic potential of the country with 38 per cent. -Media Eleven/ANN
Public leader Aung San Suu Kyi said that it is still the period where the government is trying to obtain democracy. -Eleven Myanmar/ANN
More than 500 people, including Buddhist monks and members of political and social organisations, attended the funeral of the slain reporter. -Eleven Myanmar/ANN
Bagan, which comprises more than 2,200 temples and pagodas, is next after three ancient Pyu cities joined the list. -Eleven Myanmar/ANN
The plan will shift Myanmar's focus from hydropower to other energy sources, including coal, natural gas, solar, and wind power. -Eleven Myanmar/ANN