Eleven Myanmar/Asia News Network

It was not reported whether anyone has been infected. -Eleven Media/ANN
The first demand of the students was that the court hearing must be transparent in the presence of the people. -Eleven Media/ANN
Border routes, domestic waterways, airlines and airports, and international seaports are under close watch. -Eleven Media/ANN
She insists it is due to her participation in protests against the National Education Law. -Eleven Media/ANN
A total of 12 people have been charged under Section 18 in Taungoo since last September. -Eleven Media/ANN
The Mawlamyine Township Court in Mon State has sentenced two local journalists to two months in prison. -Eleven Myanmar/ANN
Protesters arrested will be released to their parents if they can prove they are enrolled in college or university. -Eleven Media/ANN
The student demonstrators staged a protest in the compound of Yandanabon University and displayed photographs of the police crackdown. -Eleven Media/ANN
Ashin Wirathu reportedly made offensive remarks against the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights situation in Myanmar. -Eleven Myanmar/ANN
The owners who went missing informed the police that they have been having a medical checkup in Singapore. -Eleven Myanmar/ANN