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It had never been easy for people in the remote province to start up a business and the thought of losing their junkyard was painful. -The Nation/ANN
According to the proposal, the prime minister would have been able to exercise the power after receiving Cabinet endorsement. -The Nation/ANN
Thailand had between 17-18 million tonnes stockpiled, and it recently negotiated to sell 2 million tonnes to China. -The Nation/ANN
Human rights violations in Thailand have worsened after the coup last May and the situation remains worrying, Amnesty International says. -The Nation/ANN
The priority of the working committee is to draft the plan for the national broadband network, both wired and wireless. -The Nation/ANN
The sluggish economies in many countries, shrinking oil prices, and falling crop prices have started to show signs that Thai exports could see low growth. -The Nation/ANN
Three Chinese men, stole a Bt3-million (S$124898) diamond from a jewellery. -The Nation/ANN
The Supreme Court yesterday upheld a lower-court ruling that had sentenced a former executive of Kaset Thai Sugar Co to life imprisonment. -The Nation/ANN
Thai airlines say they have enhanced safety procedures. -The Nation/ANN
The government has given the nod to two more measures to stimulate the economy and help farmers. -The Nation/ANN