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Ten out of 12 clinics in Bangkok inspected since a crackdown on surrogacy services operated without authorisation. -The Nation/ANN
Koh Pha-ngan authorities have warned people to beware of box jellyfish after a five-year-old French boy died on Saturday after being stung. -The Nation/ANN
The Olympic Committee of Thailand (OCT) rated sepak takraw as a sport that could yield four gold medals. -The Nation/ANN
As the sun rose over Bangkok on a weekday, 23-year-old Noppamas Phinsoongnern felt she was going into labour. -The Nation/ANN
The unnamed women wanted to give the babies to Japanese father who could afford to take care of the children, based on his own claim. -The Nation/ANN
General pledges himself to 'pay back motherland' after getting royal command to be premier. -The Nation/ANN
Thailand respects and understands Saudi Arabia's decision to recall its head of mission over a controversial court verdict. -The Nation/ANN
Over 200 have left in past 5 years; rumour of mass resignation denied. -The Nation/ANN
Local residents reportedly called the police, saying an insane man was shouting abusive words that they did not understand. -The Nation/ANN
Thai Airways International Acting President ACM Siwakiat Jayema expects this year's loss would be limited at $470 million, thanks to a rehabilitation plan. -The Nation/ANN