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New Zealand hopes to attract more tourists, particularly after Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand began their alliance in January. -The Nation/ANN
Initial investigation indicated that the link between the bungee cord and the cuffs around the tourist's ankles broke apart during the jump. -The Nation/ANN
Some of the Rohingya families had resettled in Phuket and Hat Yai, where they could find better-paid jobs while some had gone to Malaysia. -The Nation/ANN
Former Thailand prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra would officially lose the rank if the recommendation were to be royally approved. - The Nation/ANN
Meeting today will seek short, medium and long-term solutions : Tanasak -The Nation/ANN
This project aims to promote green energy, cut down consumption of fuel and raise awareness about alternative energy. -The Nation/ANN
They were revoked on grounds that his remarks in a recent interview had endangered national security. -The Nation/ANN
This involves coordinating rescue attempts at sea and allowing people to come ashore. -The Nation/ANN
Some big concerns that have been raised by foreigners are regarding visas and tourist scams. -The Nation/ANN
Thai and Japanese officials believe that this is the perfect time for Thai companies to invest in Japan. -The Nation/ANN