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Cyber Bully
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Cyber Bully
Teacher mocks 'poor' essays by pupils in blog
Relief teacher had posted excerpts of his primary three children online, saying that they were 'ridiculous' and a 'source of entertainment'.
Cyber Bully
Caught in Web of menace
Singapore has the second highest number of cyber-bullying cases after the US, says new survey. -ST
Cyber Bully
"Pay us or we'll post video"
Police probe "happy slapping" extortion attempt at a secondary school in Singapore.
Cyber Bully
Why post online if you can't take flamings?
18-year-old Singaporean student became the target of flaming after she put photos of herself on her blog.
MySpace hoaxer could face charges
Thirteen-year-old Megan Meier killed herself after she received cruel messages from a friend she met on the social networking site.
Armed, online and dangerous
Teenagers are increasingly using the internet to hurt others for fun and attention, turning web tools into weapons of mass communication.
Cyber Bully
Target teacher
Students film teacher and post clips on YouTube. Has her privacy been breached?
Schools act against students for flaming' teachers on blogs
Five Singaporean junior college students were punished for posting offensive remarks about two teachers and a vice-principal online.
Playing with fire
At least seven secondary schools have asked students who criticise or insult their teachers online to remove the offending remarks.
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Cyber Bully
Odex company director Stephen Sing finds himself on the receiving end of online lynching.
Cyber Bully
Online lynch mob
Netizens are waging a high-tech war against Odex.
Online lynching: What's a firm to do?
A virtual lynch mob will stop at nothing in trying to destroy a business.
Revenge of the online bullies
She had to suffer cyber harassment just because she dared to give an opposing opinion in an online forum. -TNP
Online assault costs him job and home
After his girlfriend died, rumours spread fast that he had attacked her and her mother, forced girlfriend to abort his child. -TNP
Cyber Bully
Cyber abuse gets worse in highly wired South Korea
Gossiping netizens claimed Korean actress Kim Tae Hee had an abortion when she actually went to America to study English.
Cyber Bully
S'pore Netizen fury over YouTube video
What the Englishman and two of his fellow tourists thought would make a funny video now have them labelled as bullies.
Cyber Bully
Brit tourist who mocked S'pore trishaw man apologises on Net
The three visitors were slammed on the Internet for mocking the 67-year-old rider during a trip here.
Cyber Bully
'They made my Dad look like a beggar'
Trishaw rider's son said the part that hit him most was when he watched his father stretch out his hand to ask the men for his fare.

» Beating
cyber bullies

   5 steps to beating cyber bullying
Often, bullies are people who are trying to seek attention. Here are 5 ways to make them stop. -AsiaOne
Taunting tactics
Some of the most common tactics that cyber-bullies use. -ST
Face off when online, no face when offline?
The Odex saga has shown that there are ways to track down those who skulk behind their screens.
Keep Net bullies at bay
Secondary school students create a book to educate their younger peers about the dangers of cyber bullying and the internet.