Mladen Petric

Team: Croatia
Jersey No. 21
Position: Forward
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Brief highlights of career

In the second round of the Euro 2008 campaign against Andorra, he scored four goals within 60 minutes of play. This made him the first ever player to score four goals for the Croatian national football team in a competitive match. Croatia went on to win the match 7-0, marking their highest competitive victory ever.
On the last day of the Euro 2008 qualifiers, Petric scored the winning goal against England, resulting in a 3-2 game that gave England the boot from the tournament.

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Fun fact
After he scored the goal that eliminated England from Euro 2008 (marking England's first competitive defeat at the New Wembley), Petric refused to swap his jersey, going on to say "This is the proudest moment of my career. I didn't want to swap this jersey for anything."
AsiaOne says  

With his chiselled jaw and striking features akin to those of Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, the striker disarms with his intense gaze. Coupled with his goal-scoring accuracy, Petric is the one to watch.

Information from UEFA Euro 2008 official site and ESPN Soccer Net


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