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» Friday, April 13

Does high pay always equal good govt?

Now, manage the sentiment

» Thursday, April 12

It's not just about pay, it's about securing bright future (PM Lee's speech, part 1)

Putting together a first-rate team to ensure continued success (PM Lee's speech, part 2)

For reality check, compare their pay with that of bosses

What companies on the ST Index pay their top executives (Chart)

» Wednesday, April 11

PM asks S'poreans to support salary rise

PM Lee to donate his pay rise to charity for next 5 years

Benchmark formula is sound

Over-emphasis on market values may send wrong message to post-65 generation

What is immoral about paying people what they are worth?

Govt defends ministers' pay formula

Salary formula "too narrow and skewed", say MPs

Set private sector standards for public service: MPs

Misperceptions about pay and benefits for Ministers

Comparison of salaries against those of top income earners (Chart)

» Tuesday, April 10
Ministers and civil servants get pay rise of up to 33%

More of ministers' pay to be linked to performance

Pay hike will "weaken moral authority of Cabinet"

Benchmark best way to pay?

Ministers and civil servants get pay rise of up to 33%
» Monday, April 9
Pay for S'pore ministers to go up 25% and top civil servants 14% to 33%

One third of civil service officers to get 4% to 16% pay hike

President & PM to get pay increase

Ministers to get pay raise of more than 60 percent by 2008

Pay Comparison Before and After Salary Revision (Chart)

Ministers' pay to go up from $1.2 million to $1.7 million by year end

Civil service must pay competitive salaries to recruit and retain best and brightest

Pay revision for civil service to be linked to performance

MPs' monthly allowance will go up from $11,900 to $13,200

President & PM to get pay increase

Administrative Service officers will get pay rise by 14% to 25%

Fresh grads in civil service to get 10% more

What's at stake: GDP of S$210bil with 4 - 6% annual growth - Minister of State Lee Yi Shyan

Retaining talent for a first-class civil service

A government that works for Singapore - background

Civil service salary adjustments

Administrative Service and P/J/S Appointment Holders

Ex-gratia payment

» Readers comments

New round of pay hikes, New round of debates
Top govt salaries far behind private sector's

Is promotion in Civil Service based on tenure?

Pay at 2/3 benchmark but remove pension

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