Arrian North, 16

City College Student


“Most people can't guess my race or where I'm from, so I decided to tell them I'm a person of the world!”

ARRIAN has been doing charity work since she was 9 years old.
As a member of the Rotary Club, she accompanies her parents on overseas charity trips to various parts of Indonesia. She has helped to build shelters, schools and distribute food to the less fortunate.
Besides helping the needy, tackling the problem of school bullies is an issue close to her heart.
This stems from her experience of being bullied because of her curly hair in high school.
“I want to help girls who has been bullied and show them its not the end and be brave to speak up and ask for help.”
And Arrian has a message for bullies: “Bullies are losers as they are not happy with themselves so they find fault with others who are weak.
“Look where I'm at now - I’m in the finals of New Paper New Face, so who has the last laugh now?”

Share with us a little known secret
I can crack almost every joint in my body when I stretch. Sometimes, I do it on purpose and my friends would get amused.

How do you cope with stress?
“I cope with stress by listening to soothing music and looking at the positive side.”

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