The annual PC Show is Singapore's longest running IT and consumer electronics tech fair. Find out where to snag the good deals, how to choose your gadgets and more in our complete PC Show 2009 guide.

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» How to get there, opening hours

See the PC Show girls and check out the action! (13/6) Updated!

» Added 13/6: Check out the new stories featuring some of this PC Show's best deals!

» PC Show deals for $1,200 or less (12/6, 3.00pm)

» Slim is in at the PC Show (12/6, 3.00pm)

» Added 12/6: See the new gadget guides - scroll down and look out for stories with the new tag!

» Great notebook and netbook deals (11/6, 7.40pm)

» Offers for Brother printers at PC Show '09 (11/6, 7.40pm)

» Going to the PC Show? Hop on the HP bus (11/6, 5.40pm)

» HP's top 5 products for the PC Show '09 (11/6, 4.30pm)

» Super Samsung phone deals (11/6, 4.30pm)

» 3 cool HP deals at the PC Show (11/6, 4.30pm)

» Hot IT deals expected at this year's The PC Show (11/6, 2.30pm)

» Great PC and notebook deals from Gateway (11/6, 2.20pm)

Want to buy a gadget? Read these guides first before heading down.

» Notebooks, netbooks and desktops

Net the right deal
Factors you should consider when buying a netbook.

Goodbye desktops, hello notebooks
Consider getting a notebook instead of a desktop.

Desktops are for the power hungry
There are still some things notebooks can't do.

Notebook or netbook?
What are the differences and which one is the best suited for you?

Choosing the perfect laptop
What to consider before setting your heart on one.

» Cameras and camcorders

Prosumer or DSLR?
They each have pros and cons. Find out more.

Picking a camcorder
How to find one that suits your needs and budget.

Debunking the megapixel myth
It's not the number of megapixels that counts.

Before you get a DSLR camera...
Read this to find out which one suits you best.

The reign of full-frame DSLRs
Getting a pro camera? Read this first.

» TVs and displays

Treat your eyes to HD
Prices are low and now is the best time to get a HD TV.

Be entertained at home
Bring the cinema to your home in these simple steps.

It's time to go Blu
Blu-ray is the way to go. What to look for in a Blu-ray player.

Creating your own home cinema
How to turn your living room into a home theatre.

» Smartphones

The best email smartphone is...
Getting a smartphone? Why not consider one of these?

»Music players, sound and audio

Find the perfect music player
Find out which one is best for you.

Get good sound system at any budget
Get an audiophile sound system for less than you think.

» External storage devices

External storage buying tips
Find out which type best suits your needs.

Solid state versus hard disks
Which one should you get for your next computer?

» Other gadgets

On a budget? Get these
Dress up your computer with these cute little gizmos.

Wired or wireless?
Read this first before you set up your Internet.

Check out some of the great deals offered at this year's PC Show.

Great PC Show deals - Laptops
All the best laptops going for cheap. new

Great PC Show deals - Cameras
DLSR? Compacts? All the best deals here. new

Geat PC Show deals - Gadgets
These gadgets are a must-buy. new

Great PC Show deals - Printers
These printers are going for cheap. new

Great PC Show deals - HD TVs
Two HD TVs that might be worth a look. new

Great PC Show deals - Music Players
Looking for one? Check out these deals. new

PC Show deals for $1,200 or less
Grab a good deal from $350.

Let's get on with the show
Stretch your dollar at the PC Show.

10 smart tech shopping tips
How to get what you want at the best price.

IT fair shopping strategies
Your guide to surviving the IT fair madness.