Missing MH370

Government ministers from Australia, China and Malaysia said that they would extend the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 by an additional 60,000 sq miles. -AFP
A Malaysia Airlines towelette was found on a Western Australian beach four months after MH370 vanished, investigators revealed Tuesday, but they said it was impossible to know if it came from the...
A wet wipe with the Malaysia Airlines logo was found on a beach at Thirsty Point in Perth. -AFP
Last year was by some measures the safest in the history of commercial aviation, despite two high-profile crashes. -Reuters
Maintenance records showed that the battery on the beacon attached to the Flight Data Recorder expired in December 2012. -The Star/ANN
Dozens of uniformed security sealed the street around the diplomatic mission, an AFP reporter saw, while relatives said they had opted to avoid the airport as police were out in force. -AFP
Abbott said Australian authorities, which are leading the hunt, were about 40 per cent through scouring a priority 60,000-square-kilometre (23,000-square-mile) area of the southern Indian Ocean. -AFP
An independent team of investigators tasked with probing the mystery is to release an interim report on its findings on Sunday at 3.00 pm (0700 GMT) in Kuala Lumpur, the government said. -AFP
No trace has been found of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft, which disappeared a year ago. -Reuters
His shorts hang unwashed on the post of his bed. His flight uniform in the cupboard has still not been ironed. -The Star/ANN