More than 500 new words and phrases have entered the OED since December last year. -TNP
Sim Ann: Crucial to use what is most effective for rapport, personal touch. -ST
Ms Sim said this does not signal a shift in the Government's stance on vernacular tongues. -My Paper
British friend of mine remarked one day: "What is this word you always say? This 'lah' word." -ST
Singlish is the dialect that will make our nation a more cohesive one. -ST
These skits were a preview of six videos filmed, with one to be uploaded on social media each week. -TNP
Singlish is characterised by disregard for grammar rules and proper sentence structure, contributing to falling English standards here. -ST
Although Singlish may make us feel closer to one another and brings with it a strong sense of the Singapore identity, the language is coarse and unrefined. -ST
The growth potential for local films will remain limited as long as non-standard English is used in these films. -ST
Singapore should continue to uphold the highest standards for English. -TNP