This travel company lets you customise your trips and builds a pop-up hotel for you too

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Everything about your trip with Blink is customisable: Your unique location in the middle of nowhere, the kind of tent material that you want for your pop-up hotel, and even the types of sheets and cushions too.

Vacations are meant for us to unwind, relax, get away from the hectic schedules of everyday life. In a sense, you could say it is a short opportunity for one to forget about one's problems. But what if the usual Airbnb apartments or Bali villas are just not far out enough for you to truly run from your problems?

Introducing Blink, an all new customisable holiday experience luxury travel company Black Tomato launched last year.

When we talk about customisable holidays, we would normally think adjustable, flexible itineraries, or tweaks around a hotel's pre-determined design, and other similar small changes to the travel experience.

However, what Blink has to offer is much more ambitious. The concept makes available many more combinations and permutations. In fact, one may customise their trip with options from a whopping 751,074,508,800 combinations to be exact, according to co-founder of Black Tomato Tom Marchant.

Photo: Black Tomato

Here's how Blink works

Holidaygoers first access Black Tomato's Blink site online, and begin selecting the location and sort of holiday they want to experience. Customers will then choose what sort of pop-up hotel they would like to live in, with a variety of styles they want their (high-design) tent to be modelled after.

Choices include canvas, domes, see-throughs, and tropical tents, among many others.

The atmosphere can be tailored to your situation: Be it a romantic couple's getaway, a family retreat or a hangout with friends. Even the number and type of staff to accompany you on your trip can be decided by you, where one may choose adventure guides, butlers, or even a yoga instructor to come along.

Everything is customisable, down to the patterns of your sheets and cushions.

Photo: Black Tomato

The star of what Blink has to offer however, the absolute highlight (in our opinion), is the staggering possibility of how almost ANY location on the planet's surface is up for choice to set up camp in (even the Arctic).

Adventurers looking for the complete getaway may settle down onto the banks overlooking the Mekong River, or the Westfjords, a remote part of Northern Iceland where one may witness the Northern Lights, among many other possible locations.

The concept behind the entire venture is inspired by the idea of having a completely unique travel experience - an itinerary and holiday you are the first and last to enjoy - putting to use the phrase "one-of-a-kind" experience quite literally.

Photo: Black Tomato

"Last year, we saw a growing trend in clients seeking hyper-personalised experiences when they travel, whether that was searching for destinations and locations that were so remote that no one had travelled there before, having every part of their accommodation personalised to them, or experiencing tours that no one else has ever taken part in," Marchant explains.

"We wanted to explore this further, and to give our clients the chance to have the most personalised travel experience imaginable, (to) create and design their own luxury temporary accommodation in locations that are so private, pristine, and untouched that no one else will have stayed there before in the same way."

It goes without saying, of course, that an experience like that does not come cheap. According to Marchant, prices range at about S$90,440 for a group of six spending three nights in Morocco, to S$244,160 for a group of six spending four nights on the Bolivian salt flats.

Understandably, this sort of experience (and price range) is not for everyone. If you've got the time - and the dough - to afford it however, then you should really consider going for it. The world is, quite literally, your oyster.

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