45-year-old Vivian Chow reveals her beauty secrets

45-year-old Vivian Chow reveals her beauty secrets

Time does not seem to have any effect on the fair beauty that is Vivian Chow. The 45-year-old's secret is neither plastic surgery nor piling cosmetic items on her face but rather, knowing her true needs to lead a fulfilling life.

JayneStars reported that Vivian, who made a recent appearance at Sasa's 35th Anniversary event as their spokesperson, shared that though she can accept a healthy dose of sexiness in her outfits, she would not go beyond her comfort level, a level which her husband, Joe Nieh is also at ease with.

At the event, Vivian showed off a sexy side of her as she turned up a low-neck sheer black chiffon dress.

Speaking of her husband, Vivian refuted rumours that she has left her husband lonely and desolate while she travelled around for her concerts. Vivian said, "He did not tell me he was lonely. Since that was only a word game played by the media, I will not be too mindful of it."

Though Vivian has a good relationship with TVB, she denied the rumour of returning to TVB to film a series. However, she does not rule out the possibility of singing a theme song for a series.

"It is too much work filming drama serials so at the moment, chances of that happening is very low".

It is every woman's dream of having radiant, youthful skin. Vivian willingly shared her skincare secrets, "Maintaining health is very important for beauty. You need to also know the needs of your skin and be able to supplement it with the right products. After a certain age, we will find that our skin's elasticity lessens, which can be boosted with collagen-enhancing products." Vivian added, "Being happy is very important, so remember to smile everyday."

What is Vivian's perspective on a beautiful life? "A beautiful life is linked to your attitude in life. For myself, it has to do with love. For example, this includes a person's responsibility towards society, your values, and your relationships with other people. I've been in the entertainment industry for 27 years, and the audience has not forgotten me, which is amazing."

Vivian added that as a celebrity, she realises her impact on others' perspectives. Vivian chose to be involved in non-profit animal rights charities. After finding a cause that she strongly believes in, Vivian felt happiness that her actions benefited society. "It's necessary for everyone's efforts and energy in a love-driven mission. To me, this is what completes a beautiful life."

Known for leading a healthy lifestyle, Vivian shared, "At every stage, you need different things. To live a wonderful life, you must know what you really need. Follow your heart to lead a more fulfilling life."

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