5 tips to care for your leather bag

5 tips to care for your leather bag

Discovered a horrifying stain on your prized leather bag? The people behind ColorWash, a professional cleaning service provider for leather bags and shoes, share five common leather problems and advice on how to care for your leather goods.

#1 - My exotic leather items are turning dry

Well-regarded for adding texture and richness for its unusual patterns, exotic leather is used in the main bodies of bags and shoes and also on details such as bag handles and trimmings. One example is Givenchy's Crocodile Antigona bag.

A natural leather with no coating, its scales are sensitive to oil and have lower moisture content. Therefore it is susceptible to oil stains, which can come from perspiration from our hands, and may crack when it turns extremely dry.

For its upkeep, exotic leather requires monthly moisturizing by a trained professional who takes in to account the nature and direction of the scales.

Advice: Get prior protection with HD Transparent Coating and send it for monthly moisturizing and half-yearly professional cleaning.

Tip: Between your professional cleaning trips, use a cleaning agent and wipes suitable for leather to keep it in tip-top condition. Store your items away from light. A dust bag is inadequate protection as light can still penetrate through.

#2 - The crosshatch finish on my saffiano leather bag has worn off

Invented by Mario Prada himself, saffiano leather is used in formal and work bags such as Prada's Saffiano Tote and Cuir Leather Briefcase.

The unique crosshatch finish arises from a stamping method that creates convex peaks and concave trenches, hence creating a slight three-dimensional effect with bi-coloured shades.

Due to its form, the convex peaks tend to wear off faster, which causes the leather to lose its signature three-dimensional and bi-coloured look.

Advice: Get prior protection with HD Transparent Coating. Seek for immediate professional attention if stain occurs.

Tip: Refrain from rubbing it, which will cause wear and tear of the convex peak.

#3 - My favourite pair of jeans stained my bag

Matching the latest Loewe's Flamenco Knot Bag with your dark-coloured clothing such as a pair of jeans? Please do not do so.

Clothes with darker shades are likely culprits in rubbing off colour on your leather items, especially on delicate suede. Vulnerable to colour transfer because of its textured nature and open pores, colour stains on suede are usually irreversible.

Advice: Get prior protection with HD Transparent Coating, the only protection available for suede. Seek for professional attention immediately if stain occurs.

Tip: To reduce the chances of colour transfer from dark-coloured clothing such as jeans, wash it with a pinch of salt in the first rinse.

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