Couple living in London and Kota Baru shows how far romance can travel

Couple living in London and Kota Baru shows how far romance can travel

PETALING JAYA - He is in London. She is in Kota Baru. But no distance is too much for true love.

The story of the young couple has touched many hearts and thousands are rooting for their happiness.

Love was in the air when Malaysia Airlines produced a short film on their romance, titled Home - #LundangtoNewcastle. It has already racked up over 1.3 million views in just a few days.

Home tells the story of Malaysians Aadil Marzani and Nik Nurul Athirah keeping in touch via social media despite the distance.

"Lundang", incidentally is Kelantanese for London, and Newcastle is the English translation of Kota Baru.

Aadil says the relationship is real, not some drama cooked up for promotion.

The London-born engineer works in England while Athirah is a doctor in Hospital Kota Baru. The two met by chance during Athirah's graduation at Trinity College, Dublin.

"One of my relatives had just graduated from the college when I saw this cute woman standing next to my relative. I thought to myself 'how pretty this girl is!' - she had an eye-catching smile. I don't usually do these things, but I messaged my relative to ask about her. She came back to me with the green light.

"After much discussion about how weird I felt approaching somebody over Facebook, I went for it. She was in Kota Baru and I was working in KL at the time. So, long distance was already going to be a factor in our relationship," said Aadil.

Athirah's first impression of the handsome young man was "wow, this is weird but I guess there's no harm in making new friends!". Love slowly blossomed.

"Athirah used to think I was a boring and serious person. It took me a while to win her over, but she eventually saw my funny side," said Aadil.

The pair said they could feel the support from Malaysians following the short video's release, which depicts them taking photographs of two matching bumblebee keychains and sharing them on Instagram.

In the short film, Aadil takes photos of his bumblebee keychain and himself while walking around London. Athirah does the same in Kota Baru and they share the photos.

"Being in a long distance relationship, the chance to see each other face to face is rare. We only get to see each other once a year and yet we've managed to come this far. But they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I'm really looking forward to see Aadil again in person," said Athirah.

Wedding bells are now in the air - the duo will be tying the knot in August.

"We are looking forward to the opportunity to travel together. Athirah's travelled to many places during her university years, so she has promised to take me around the world to all the places she's been to.

"The wedding will be in Kelantan, so I'm looking forward to nasi kerabu - I think that's what drew me towards a Kelantanese wife!"

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