Easy makeovers for all ages: In her 30s

Easy makeovers for all ages: In her 30s

The fashion grand dame Coco Chanel once said: "You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life."

In this first issue of Style, the team tapped seven experts to show you how to look your best, whether you are in your nubile 20s or golden 60s.

The experts are stylists Keith Png, Daniel Boey and Audrey Ong; make-up artists Clarence Lee and Dollei Seah; and hairstylists Eugene Ong and Ken Hong.

They performed their magic on five women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, who were keen to look better. So like Chanel said, you can look irresistible at any age.

In her 30s

Irene Chan, 36, HR executive
Body shape: Curvy

"I work in an environment where everyone wears T-shirts and jeans, but I'm starting to get a little bored of wearing that almost every day. As appearances aren't a big thing at my workplace, I don't really wear make-up either.

I've always kept my hair this length because it's easy to maintain, but it definitely feels too safe.

I think my arms are flabby, so I try not to wear anything sleeveless.

Since giving birth to my son 18 months ago, I've avoided wearing anything too tight-fitting as I'm conscious of my tummy."

Outfit: Lipsy dress; Dune London heels; Gerard Darel bag; all from Robinsons The Heeren

The outfit

Stylist Daniel Boey: "I think the grey striped dress she came in was all wrong for her. It made her look sallow.

She mentioned that she was concerned about her tummy, but horizontal stripes only emphasise that. We picked this dress for its black graphic design on the side that has a slimming effect.

The prints add an interesting element to what would otherwise be a plain dress.

Her shoulders are quite narrow in proportion to her hips. The cap sleeves on this dress help to widen her shoulders.

I don't think her arms are flabby, but as she's conscious of them, the cap sleeves help to show off her arms without being too revealing."

Stylist Audrey Ong: "She just gave birth recently, so a tummy is to be expected, but hers isn't all that big. All she needs is some shaping underwear.

This dress is very versatile - pair it with a blazer and it's instantly more work-appropriate.

For her shoes, we decided on pointy black heels that are sleek and polished. Round-toed shoes can look dated."

The make-up

Make-up artist Dollei Seah: "Irene has good skin. However, she finds it tricky to maintain it while juggling her roles at work and at home.

I recommended her a few multi- purpose cosmetic products that will help her look made up while protecting her skin so she can get ready in a jiffy.

One of them is a foundation with anti-ageing ingredients and sunscreen.

I also used a bright lipstick on her so she looked polished without too much effort."

The haircut

Hairstylist Ken Hong: "Irene's shoulder-length hair, which is flat at the top and scraggly at the ends, makes her thin locks more obvious. To give it more volume, I cut it shorter.

This asymmetrical bob that reaches her chin is classic yet trendy, easy to maintain and makes her look professional.

This gradual cut is also suitable for women who are uncomfortable with short hair."

Irene on her new look

"I love this outfit, but I'll save it for outings with my husband.

I still don't think I want to stand out too much at my workplace.

I think I look fresher with the asymmetrical bob.

I've always thought that when I wear red lipstick, I look unapproachable, so I am surprised to see that it makes me look good."

30s: Style tips

Stylist Audrey Ong:"If your body has gone through changes after pregnancy, it's time to take a look at your wardrobe and put aside clothes that don't fit anymore because they don't do anything for your confidence.

A flowy blouse will help to hide bulges. An empire waist dress, fitted at the bust area and loose beyond that, is another flattering option as it helps to hide wide hips and thighs."

Make-up artist Dollei Seah: "Convenient do-it-all products are especially useful for women in this age group, as they may have more responsibilities at home and in their careers. They should also focus on enhancing their complexion with simple base make-up. This will make them look younger.

As the fine lines around their eyes become more obvious at this age, they should stay away from matte eyeshadows which make the creases more obvious. Keep clear of frosty eyeshadow too, as it can make the eyes appear puffy and droopy when not applied correctly."

Hairstylist Ken Hong: "Many women in their 30s will start to see their hair getting thinner. So add volume to the locks with a short style. Want to keep your hair long? Get a perm with big curls."


This article was first published on July 02, 2015.
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