How to look fresh when you're working overtime and sleeping late!

How to look fresh when you're working overtime and sleeping late!
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Pulled one too many all-nighters and have the pasty, puffy complexion to show for it? Try these powerful "sleeping aids" to fend off fatigue for visibly softer and smoother skin, even if you're running on empty.

1. Pump up the power with a multi-masking ritual. For softer skin overnight, maximise your mask-time with this one-two punch. After the cleansing component of your evening regime, slather on a soothing mask formulated for fine lines and deep hydration. Rinse off and follow up with a detoxifying clay concoction to purge your pores of grease and gunk.

This is merely one of the myriad mask medleys you can try your hand at; simply mix and match according to your particular complexion concern. Such a simple concept, but a bona fide skin-changer, if you ask me!

2. Take a swig - but everything in moderation, please. Hydrating with H20 is an absolute requisite in the evening, especially if you're sleeping in a skin-desiccating air-conditioned room, with one proviso: Limit liquid intake about three hours or so before bedtime.

That way, you'll forestall any fluid retention when you wake up in the morning - plus you'll sleep better too, because you won't be getting up in the middle of the night to take a leak.

3. Cool off with a cucumber. Draping slices of crunchy cucumber over your lids may seem like the ultimate chick-flick cliche, but the gently astringent juice of the vegetable is a tried-and-tested quick fix for lending an instant lift to your lids. Another neat idea: Recycle used tea bags by chucking them in an airtight container in the fridge, for easy retrieval whenever you need a quick fix.

Some final bits and bobs to boost your beauty sleep: Consider investing in a bedside humidifier; and prop up your head with a higher pillow if you're prone to puffiness in the morning. The extra elevation will aid in overall fluid drainage and circulation.

Right, then. Try these tips tonight and wake up to a visibly firmer and fresher visage. Goodnight, and good luck!

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