I'm best pals...with my ex-husband

I'm best pals...with my ex-husband

Though these celeb pairs are divorced (or should we say, "conspicuously uncoupled"), they get along great, dining, partying, and holidaying together. But can you really be friends after sharing a life - and a bed? Divorcee Julie Ng, 34, thinks so.

"Adam and I have been divorced for about two years now. We got married when we were quite young - he was 26 and I was 24 - and I guess both of us still had some growing up to do.

When we met, we'd both just started work - he at his family's company and I as an executive at an MNC. We clicked instantly and tied the knot two years later.

The first three years of marriage were blissful. We travelled often and talked about emigrating somewhere less stressful like Australia or Canada.

Over time, however, we drifted apart. Our working hours grew longer and, many nights, I fell asleep before Adam got home. We stopped going on holidays because we didn't have as much time off anymore.

Above all, we couldn't agree on when to start a family - he wanted kids immediately, but I wanted to wait. After I told him flat out that I wasn't ready, he withdrew from me.

He would simmer in silent anger and lash out occasionally, saying: "Maybe we shouldn't have gotten married."

We also stopped having sex.

We'd grown distant by our fourth year of marriage. To make matters worse, whenever we attended family functions together, our relatives would ask why I wasn't pregnant yet.

I could sense Adam's resentment even though he didn't say anything.

After six years of marriage, I knew that I couldn't be with Adam anymore. We'd lost the connection we once had, and I felt like a stranger in my own house.

It wasn't fair to him, to be stuck with a woman who wasn't sure if she wanted to be a mum. When I told him this, he admitted he'd been feeling the same way.

We made a mutual decision to file for divorce a few months before me 32nd birthday. I blamed myself for the split.

I felt like I had deceived Adam because, before we got together, I was sure I wanted kids. He deserved better.

There for each other

Surprisingly, we've managed to remain as pals after our divorce, although this didn't happen overnight.

After we split up, Adam helped me move to a rented apartment. There were still feelings, but not romantic love.

It felt like the closeness you'd have towards your sibling.

That said, it was still hard to let go and there were tears when I moved out. During our first year apart, Adam would call from time to time and find out what was happening in my life.

The conversations were superficial - no deep, heart-to-heart talks - and lasted only a few minutes but I was comforted to know he still cared.

I'll admit that hearing his voice stirred up feelings. I missed him.

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