It's okay to be different: Sumiko Tan

It's okay to be different: Sumiko Tan

Do opposites attract? Or are you better off with a partner who is very similar to you?

He is a honker, I am a flasher, and never the twain shall meet.

No, I'm not being rude here.

What I mean is that when it comes to dealing with pesky motorists when we're driving, H honks whereas I flash our car's headlights.

It's a difference that irritates us both to no end. He says he honks because how else can he get the other driver's attention, which he must if the person is driving in a dangerous manner.

But honking is rude, I say. It's better to flash the headlights.

But the driver might not notice your flashing light, he argues. And in some situations you need the other driver to react fast or you'd get into an accident.

In any case, he adds, in Britain people flash their headlights for positive things - to signal that they are yielding the right way, or to thank another driver, or warn them of danger ahead.

Well, I say, you're no longer living in Britain. In Singapore, flashing is what you do to tell another driver off. And to show you are angry with him, which is what I mostly use it for.

Anyway, you better be careful. Honk at some Ah Beng in a souped-up car and he might just come out and punch you (and, for that matter, punch me, since I'd probably be in the car with you).

It's an argument we've had countless times, and it's reached the point where we've realised it's futile to raise it anymore.

So, when he honks or I flash, either one of us will just take a deep breath, look out the window and let the moment pass.

It's not the only area in which we clash. We've had quite a few exasperated moments in the supermarket too.

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