Jennifer Lopez on getting married for the fourth time

Jennifer Lopez on getting married for the fourth time

"I don't need to explain my personal relationships to anyone," Jennifer Lopez once admonished me. "Why or how long things have lasted or if one will be longer than the other. This is my life. It's my personal life to deal with in whatever way I see fit."

So I wouldn't presume to ask her about her current boyfriend Casper Smart.

In Beverly Hills at the Four Seasons Hotel to talk about her new TV show Shades Of Blue, Lopez hasn't lost any of her natural beauty or her self-confidence.

In fact, at 46 she's as stunning as ever.

Are you still bothered by what the press writes about you?

Not really. I have been doing this a long time now and whatever it is, you just have to know who you are and what you contribute.

I have never really been one to let that stuff in and you can't, you really can't.

All that matters is who you are, what you do, what you believe yourself to be and not what other people think about.

So, where are you at this point of your life, specifically in the love department?

I don't think I am looking for anything really. When you get to a certain age, you realise that everything you need and want is within you.

The happiness that you are seeking in others is within yourself, and that's what has changed for me.

So, as far as relationships go, if somebody can add to my life and my happiness and my children's happiness, then OK bring it on. But I don't feel like I am searching or looking for something.

I have built a life that I am proud of. I am very happy in my career right now, I feel very content with the life that I created for me and my kids, and anything beyond that is icing on the cake.

Jennifer Lopez is currently dating her former dancer Casper Smart. Photo: Reuters

But another marriage is still a possibility? (Lopez has been married three times - Ojani Noa, Criss Judd and Marc Anthony.)

Getting married again, I don't know, but nothing in my life is out of the question - anything is possible, everything is possible.

You've realised a lifelong dream when you became a mother. What are the challenges of working full-time and having to take care of two eight-year-olds? (Lopez has a pair of twins, Emme and Max, with third husband Anthony.)

It's funny, I don't find it that challenging because I feel they are my priority, and so as long as we are happy and healthy at home, then all of this other stuff falls in place.

Not that it doesn't get tiring; anybody who is a single mum who works a lot knows that. It's always a juggling act. Wishing that you could be there for them more is probably the hardest part of it, and I'm luckier than most working mums in that I can bring them to my job. Whereas if I worked at a 9 to 5 job, I probably couldn't bring my kids to work. So I actually get to see them a lot more than the average working mum.

Opposite sex twins are uncommon. Does one take after Marc and the other after you?

I think all children are different, and it doesn't matter if they are a boy or girl, or two girls, whatever, they are all very individual.

Emmy is very different from Max - they have two totally different personalities, but they love each other and they enjoy life. That is my greatest accomplishment having two happy, healthy children.

How are they different?

Emmy is probably a little bit more artistic and Max is more into mechanical, technological, futuristic type stuff.

With so much on your plate when do you find time for yourself?

I have my little things that I do for myself, I take my baths and I get my massages when I need it, just little things.

If I walked into your house what would we find? What do your surround yourself with?

I like surrounding myself with peace and beauty. I like a peaceful environment in my house so there's always a lot of 30s and 40s background music.

I like flowers and beautiful things. I like to create, so I approach my life in an artistic way.

How about the decor?

It's kind of a mix of glamour and traditional.

Your character in Shades Of Blue betrays a co-worker. Could you do that in your own life?

I am a very loyal person, so that's why it was so difficult for me to play this character because she lies a lot.

Are you going miss being on American Idol?

The show turned out to be a much bigger part of my life than I ever thought it could be.

When I signed on to do one season, I never thought I would sign on for a second year, but I fell in love with everyone there and everything that it was, and everything it represented.

It became a real turning point in my career as it allowed people to see me as I really am. So, it turned out to be a blessing in my life.

I think this is my fifth year being a judge on that show, and every single time I was there, there was really no place I would rather be. I enjoyed every single moment of it, and I think so did America, which is why they tuned in for 15 seasons. Everybody, I think, is going to miss it. Me for sure.

Besides a hit TV series, you're also a resident performer at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. How is that going?

The residency is amazing. I knew that it would give me the opportunity to create a type of show that I hadn't done before, using my catalogue of music.

People love it and are responding to it. In Vegas, you have people who are not necessarily fans of your music or anything. They come and see the show, and you get this whole other audience that you never had before, and that's a real blessing.

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