Top 10 pet peeves on first dates

Top 10 pet peeves on first dates

Going on a first date with someone you like gives you butterflies and possibly sweaty palms, but the thought of enjoying a few hours with that special someone is definitely worth all the worry.

However, nobody knows what to expect on a first date, and you may find little things that the other person does that irks you and vice versa.

Metro Online scoured the net and asked around for some common pet peeves on a first date. Here are some you may recognised from your own disaster dates.      

1. Tardiness

The when and where of the date is important. Plan ahead on how you are going to the location. It looks bad if you organised the date but show up late and also equally bad if you were asked out, and are running late. It's best for all parties to be at the location on time, so at least your date doesn't start off on the wrong foot.

2. Cellphone addict

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If you have asked someone out, don't spend your time replying every text that comes your way. Same goes for those who were asked out. Sure, if you want to take a picture of you and your date, it's acceptable to whip out your phone, or maybe you need to pick up an important phone call from your boss or your mother. But no way is it polite to constantly look at your phone and not your date's face.

3. Lack of response

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It's not a guarantee that the person you are on a date with has chemistry with you but you can always try to start a conversation and see it through to the end of the night. With that said, a one-sided conversation is a clear way to see that it probably isn't going to go anywhere especially with your date giving you one word answers. To get your date talking, try open ended questions like ask him/her how they usually spend their weekend. Pick on the answer and continue to ask questions.   

4. Talking too much or talking too highly of oneself

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It's good if you are comfortable with starting the conversation. A conversation requires questions, answers and some explanation here and there. But not everyone loves to hear you talk too much, especially when you are blowing your own trumpet. Mentioning what you love to do would be great, but don't scare your date into thinking you're too high maintenance for him, or that you're too full of yourself for her.

5. Coming on too hard 

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You find your date really pretty or handsome but it's not okay for you to pounce on them right there and then. If your date is reserved, make them comfortable, speak to them like a person would and not overwhelm them with your desire for them. Don't blame your actions on the 'signs' you claim he or she was dropping. Wanting to hold her hand while at the restaurant, or feed him your meal, is fine if you both feel the 'connection' but in no way should you assume that your date will be comfortable with that.

6. Talking about the future too soon 

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When do you see yourself getting married? How many children do you want? These questions will sound sirens everywhere and your date might think about running away right at that moment (or not). You're on the FIRST date. Do not scare your date away with overwhelming questions especially when the two of you hardly know each other to be discussing marriage and a family. Keep these questions for a long term relationship.

7. Lack of table manners 

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Burping, picking your teeth or talking with your mouth full. Remember to never do this not just on your first date but in any date. Not only is it a sight for sore eyes but also just grosses out your date from wanting to go out with you again. Also, remember this is your first date and you probably have never dined with your date before this. Even if you are tempted by the food on her or his plate, do not reach out for the food on her plate. It's not only rude but makes you look greedy.

8. Rude to waiting staff 

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Everything is going fine in your date. The atmosphere is cosy and the conversation is going well. But what could potentially ruin your date's perception of you is being rude to waiting staff. Waiters may sometimes get your orders wrong, but even if you're hungry, stay cool and tell it to your waiter nicely. Bury that ugly side of you and do not let it ruin what could potentially be the start of a good friendship or relationship.

9. Opening up the ex files too soon

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I guess we can't escape bringing up the ex in conversations of the past. If you just got out of a relationship or went through a painful break up, do not bring it up on your first date. Do not associate things in your conversations with where your ex brought you to once, or what they said or did. Don't make your date feel uncomfortable with the story of how you met your ex and how it fell apart. Your date hoped for a good night out, not to spend his or her time comforting you and trying to convince you that he or she isn't like your ex.

10. Going Dutch

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It's that time of the night where there are debates on the solution to this 'problem'. The bill comes and you both reach for the bill or don't; there are so many possibilities. Personally, I think that on the first date, it's nice if the guy pays, especially if he has a job. But if you are both students, do offer to split the bill. There's no real solution to this problem, only what the two people on a date agree to.

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