Top Mum: Already 60, but my mother still enjoys ice-skating, using computers and even roller coasters

Top Mum: Already 60, but my mother still enjoys ice-skating, using computers and even roller coasters

Stomp contributor Lina shared the amazing story of her sporty mother and how she brought inspiration and optimism to the family.

Here is here story in full:

"My mother is an awe-inspiring example to many parents or even mums-to-be. I am truly grateful and blessed to have such a great mum like her.

"My mum came from a humble background and went to work at a very young age. She is a very independent woman. She is also adventurous, sporty, daring and brave and has a willing-to-learn mindset. She is disciplined, motivated and has a positive outlook in life.

"On the adventurous and daring side, even at the age of 60, she still has guts to take on death-defying roller coasters that even people half her age would tremble just at the thought of it.

"On the sporty side of her, she can still ice-skate and roller-skate well, and she can even skate backwards. I'm embarrassed to say that I can't even skate that well.

"She also plays squash, basketball, swim and run. She is a great example to senior citizens as she encourages them to keep fit and have an active lifestyle.

"My mum also has a good learning attitude. She keeps herself updated with technology and smartphones and using the computer pose no issues to her.

"She has a lifelong learning attitude and still attends workshops and courses to improve herself, where she learns and tries new things and keeps up with the times and technology.

"On the brave and gutsy side of her, she is not afraid of creepy crawlies. When most ladies would run, scream and jump at the sight of it, my mother has the courage to get rid of pests, and at times, catch harmless crawlies.

"She is still currently working full time and contributing to household expenses too. My mum can also cook and though never fussy with food, she would still usually choose the healthier choice. When she is at home, she will be doing household chores like sweeping, cleaning or mopping the house and she does them with no complaints.

"I also do offer some help because it makes me guilty seeing her being so proactive. I guess most mums would be busy nagging and complaining about their kids not helping out with the household chores, but not my mum.

"She does not nag, and thus, this makes me want to always support and help her even more. I believe it is this virtuous cycle that keeps my family ever so loving and bonded.

"She has a positive attitude and puts passion into her work. She does not need to look back at the hardships that she has gone through for self-pity. She looks forward and ahead in life and continuously improves herself, so that she can improve the lives of loved ones.

"She is truly an all-rounder mum, who is good in many areas of her life and provides my family with lots of love and care.

"My mum is a great inspiration to many, whether young or old. Be it having a fit and active lifestyle, eating healthily, working with passion, lifelong learning attitude, having a motivated and optimistic outlook in life, and having a generous and open heart that encompasses all the many good values, these remarkable traits truly make my mum a role model to many people out there, and even I, have a lot to learn from her.

"Mummy, you are the best! I love you!"

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