Top Mum: My mum gave up her New Zealand citizenship for me to pursue my dreams

Top Mum: My mum gave up her New Zealand citizenship for me to pursue my dreams

Emma put her mum through difficult moments when she was young, but her mum remains her pillar of strength and made extraordinary sacrifices for her.

Here is Emma's Top Mum dedication to her mum in full:

"My mum is the most incredible, hardworking, accepting, understanding, mature, respectable, honest, straightforward incredible women I have ever come across.

"Recently, I have put my mom through so much heartache, disappointment and disrespect. She has never deserved that in any way possible.

"Ever since I was young, I have always had difficult times and moments in my life and she has been the incredibly strong person who answered any questions that I had and made me feel so loved.

"She's done many things for me. She has been my coach, therapist, guidance counselor, taxi driver, atm, best friend, shoulder to cry on and so many more.

"For me to represent Singapore in sport, she also gave up her New Zealand citizenship so I could become a citizen and pursue my passions, which she has always been there no matter what failure or disappointment I had been through.

"Whenever I had a good training session, she would be the one I would want to call. Even though she is a very busy working women, she has always had time or made time to text me everyday, answer my calls when I want to ask her about homework and even give me advice if I ever needed it.

"She has taught me how to be the strong person I am today and without her and her guidance, warmth, kindness, patience (Oh and she needed lots of patience with me), I would not be where I am or the person I am today.

"She has taught me how to stand through everything and if I ever did fall, she'd help me get back up at the end of the day.

"There are so many things I want to say to my mother, especially with recent events. I'd like to start with saying she is the strongest most beautiful soul I've ever had the chance of meeting and I've been so lucky that you are my mother.

"We always have our ups and downs but I'm learning to be more appreciative and respectful and I know its taken longer then anyone else but I am getting there and hopefully its not too late.

"Another main thing I really need to say and I have never said it is that I forgive you mum. Over the years I've been hurt, embarrassed and maybe even inconvenienced at times.

"You need to know that I love you no matter what and I forgive you. I'm also very sorry. I'm sorry for embarrassing you and I'm sorry for hurting you.

"You're the only mum in the world for me because no other mom would have stuck by me for all I've done, said, acted and portrayed.

"My mum has taught me life, how to be kind (even though I'm not very kind that often), taught me how to forgive and how to apologise and that's one of the greatest things she has taught me.

"I am not a religious person but still I find myself thanking god for giving me such a protector. My relationship with my mother, the bond between us, is the most complex relationship I've ever heard of and I can't put into words on how much I appreciate and need to have her in my life.

"She needs more recognition then she gets and that's because me being a teenager was unappreciative, rude, unforgiving and disrespectful.

"For what she has done for both my siblings and I is worth so much more then anything I will ever be given for the rest of my life. She has taught me to be happy and she has continuously shown me love even when she didn't receive any in return.

"She never gave up on me or on my dreams, even when some of them were impossible, she would still always give me suggestions of how it could be done.

"I've never had someone fight for me as much or stick up for me as much as my mom has and that is something I am truly grateful for.

"I wish there was something more then this letter that I could do to prove and show to my mother that she is amazing.

"I really hope this has come off the way I feel in my heart, but I've never been very good with expressing my feelings so hopefully when she reads this she will understand how bug of an impact she has had on my life.

"I love you so much mom! Happy Mothers Day!"

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