Animals with 'bad' reputation: Uncover the truth behind these urban myths

Animals with 'bad' reputation: Uncover the truth behind these urban myths
PHOTO: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Some creatures in the animal kingdom have been associated with dark myths and legends, leaving them with a "bad" reputation and giving people the creeps when they see them.

This cannot be further from the truth. Night Safari have debunked popular myths people believe of its furry residents.

Owls have been associated with witchcraft, sorcery and even death, according to the Night Safari.

With their large eyes and "ability" to rotate its head a complete circle, they can't help but make some people feel uncomfortable.

Owls are believed to represent wisdom and intelligence in some cultures, and they definitely cannot pull an "Exorcist" stunt by doing a 360 degree turn with their head, debunked Night Safari.

These nocturnal birds only have 14 neck vertebrae, as compared to seven in humans, so they can only turn their heads by 270 degrees in either direction.

Owls also have some special abilities of their own. They can fly silently throughout the night and swoop down on unsuspecting rodents, said Night Safari.

Another creature that strikes fear in some people is bats. Depicted in movies and books as being an aid to vampires, it is no wonder there are people out there who believe they suck blood as well.

In reality, Night Safari reveals that bats' main food supply comes from fruits and only a small percentage - three out of the thousand-over species - consume blood.

These winged creatures are useful to the rainforest's ecosystem and contributes to the seed dispersal and pollination processes.

Their guano (or poop) is also known to be a great fertiliser, according to Night Safari.

Do you fear any creatures of the night? Find out more about these Night Safari animals in the gallery below.

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