BBC presenter 'eats his own leg' to taste human flesh

BBC presenter 'eats his own leg' to taste human flesh
A BBC presenter cut off a bit of his thigh in order to experience how human flesh tastes like.
PHOTO: Video screengrab

Warning: The following article contains images some viewers might find disturbing.

A BBC presenter chose to eat his own flesh as part of an experiment for his YouTube channel, BritLab.

Greg Foot decided to take on the bizarre challenge after a viewer requested to know how human flesh tastes like.

The brave presenter allowed chunks of his thigh flesh to be surgically removed by a doctor in what he described as a "rather painful" operation. 

However, because it is illegal to eat human flesh, he engaged scientists to analyse the taste of his flesh instead.

Speaking about the challenge, Foot said: "The truth is, it's illegal to eat human flesh, even your own - but there is still a way to nail the taste."

Once it was chemically tested and cooked, Foot took a whiff of his cooked flesh and found that it smelled surprisingly "nice" and "meaty".

"It's like beef and ale stew," Foot said of the smell of his cooked flesh in the video.

With results derived from the sample, Foot cooked up a mixture of meats that his flesh was analysed as tasting like.

After eating the hamburger, he said: "It's good, a bit beefy, a bit lamby. I think that is the closest I'm ever going to get eating human and it's pretty good".

The experiment raised some eyebrows among his fans who were in disbelief of what they had witnessed.

One shocked viewer commented: "I was about to throw up".

Another wrote: "Holy s*** I hope he was paid well for this. I'm cringing so hard at that thing they jabbed in his leg, look at the size of it! I don't think any anaesthesia would dull that."

Other viewers were surprised a law disallowing consumption of human flesh even existed.

One such viewer asked: "Why is eating human flesh illegal? And why are people so weirded out by it? We're animals just like the cows, pigs, and chickens. We eat every day."

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