Different reactions to a social experiment on domestic violence

Different reactions to a social experiment on domestic violence

A social experiment on two scenarios of domestic violence was filmed and posted on YouTube with varying reactions in the comments from the West and East.

The scenarios involved a man attacking a woman and vice-versa.

The experiment started out with one partner of the couple accusing the other of being unfaithful with the argument escalating quickly.

In the situation with male-on-female violence, bystanders quickly moved in to separate the couple.

One bystander even tackled the man away and threw him to the ground.

However, when the situation was reversed, with the woman being violent towards the man, bystanders did nothing to help.

They stood by and watched, or filmed the situation.

YouTube comments from the West quickly degenerated into complaining and feminist-bashing.

Chinese netizens, however, did not react in the same way.

Comments left on the website chinaSMACK ranged from possible explanations to why bystanders did not help the man, to wondering if Chinese people would help either party at all.

One comment read "In our country, regardless of whether it is a man hitting a woman or a woman hitting a man or adults hitting children, no one will intervene!"

Others said that if the man does not fight back, it is most likely because he is the one at fault and decided to accept his punishment.

"...not him resisting means he has done something wrong and deserves it"

Both sides, however, seem to have missed the point of the video, which was to raise awareness of domestic violence and encourage people to speak up against it.


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