A feng shui guide for the Year of the Goat

A feng shui guide for the Year of the Goat
"Wand bearer" Marco Yau (L) and "Wicked witch of the East" Cherry Ma, both associated analysts from CLSA, pose with toy goats and a 2015 Feng Shui Index, during a news conference in Hong Kong February 5, 2015.


Good fortune: Mid-November to mid-December

Most holy satyr! Goats by nature are fond of nature and this is a good year for them to hide in the woods. It's also the year for paying attention - so do re-read that email you're about to send to your boss. All things artistic and profound are in your stars, so park outside art galleries and you shouldn't get a ticket. Creative activities are predicted for young Water Goats, but those interested in technology may receive a call about their hacking.

Health: Stick to a balanced diet - just the right amount of greens should see you through. Whatever exercise is applicable, say walking to the chocolate aisle for the munchies rather than asking the maid to do so, will see you in good health. Make sure you pay your premiums in March, April, July and next January.

Wealth: Your habit of spending money as soon as you get it makes you popular. Metal Goats will profit through persistence - gifts and bonuses are yours for the taking, and remember to give 10 per cent to the triads before they ask for more. Water Goats are likely to sponsor charities while Fire Goats may consider a hetian jade amulet to protect their gains.

Love: "What was he doing, the great god Pan, down in the reeds by the river?" As it is your year, you're bound to feel horny - March, June, September and December are the months to butt in. Romantic Earth Goats are likely to go in for home improvements (think George Clooney in Burn after Reading).

Career: Staff changes will lead to opportunities; the stars think that you have insider knowledge. April, July, August and November are promising, as is New Year, 2016. But Tai Sui is going to be with you, so your work needs to be quiet - we recommend titanium-oxide panels. Wood Goats will enjoy attending exhibitions - ensure it is not you!


Good fortune: Mid-April to mid-May

Despite the fact that you're a born Monkey, impulsive behaviour will not be rewarded this year - leave those longevity peaches on the table and you might just live a little longer. Travel is on the cards for all monkeys this year - new zoos all round! Wood Monkeys may travel close to home and appreciate a familiar place in a new way (perhaps catch public transport to work or school).

Health: There might be a small monkey wrench in the health works this year, particularly in your earth-related organs. No, that's not the soles of your feet. It refers to your digestive system, but it's nothing to go ape about. Spring and summer you'll need to be careful over food hygiene - make sure those peanuts haven't passed through a civet cat.

Wealth: No need to ape anyone else, this is your year to peel all the bananas you want. The caveat here is that not all such fruit are equally nutritious; and if you wake in an unknown hotel room in Macau, get the first cab straight to the ferry, go home and spend wisely there. Fire Monkeys might have unanticipated expenses at home.

Love: Note you have the auspicious red phoenix with you this year and that Water Monkeys may find uncommon ways of getting to love - so do it legally and leave that phoenix alone. Late spring and winter are the seasons to meet other hairy anthropoids. Earth Monkeys will profit by joining an interest group - a brick-appreciation society or the like.

Career: Better than last year, but still some simian virus at work. Oddly enough you'll want to seek out Snakes and Dragons to work with. Be on your guard and no one will make a monkey out of you - demand all the peanuts you're worth! Metal Monkeys, this is a good year to be headhunted, so you might see your brains appearing on a different table.

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