LG creates 2K screen flagship with lasers

LG creates 2K screen flagship with lasers
LG G3 mobile phone.

The HTC One from last year was clearly the top Android phone until the later half, when LG joined the party to take away some of the attention from HTC's best flagship phone to that date.

This year, the HTC followed up its flagship with the One M8, where design improved and so did the camera.

LG's G2, launched in Q3 of last year, again was a phone that was beautiful in terms of design. It broke out of conventional norms with hard keys on the rear and nothing on the front and side.

The G2, of course, shared some of the honours with the original HTC One for phone of the year in 2013.

Last week, much earlier than anticipated, LG launched its G3 in London, this time with a screen equipped with Quad HD or 2K resolution, and a camera with actual laser focusing.

So what else is in the G3?


LG missed out on the next generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with the G3, due to its rush to release, but processor speed is just processor speed now, everything is decently fast and smooth.

What's nice is you get 2GB of RAM with the 16GB internal memory version, while the 32GB version gets 3GB of RAM. Even better, LG has included a microSD card slot to give you up to 128GB for the space hungry.

I personally can't fill beyond 64GB, but surely it will be a welcoming sight for those who are use memory space like hoarders.

Connectivity includes the usual LTE/4G, HSPA+ and WiFi has the latest "ac", along with Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and the Infra Red blaster, thankfully, returns in the G3.

LG also allows wireless charging to be compatible with the G3's 3,000 mAh battery. The most surprising thing here is the battery is now removable. I was initially one of those who frowned upon not being able to remove the back panel to "replace the battery", but after getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and now the LG G2, both have never really bothered me.

The Tab 7.7's battery is now already almost four years old, but it's still as strong as ever despite being charged every single day when I used it.

The LG G2's is the same for the past seven months, and any drain from the first day I use it is not noticeable at all.

Some markets will be receiving the rechargeable back-plate out-of-the-box, while others will have to buy it as a separate accessory, a little unfair, but I hope Asia gets the charging plate!

Now, 3,000 mAh for a 5.5-inch screen with Quad HD resolution. Battery drain is on everyone's mind, but LG is claiming that there is an adaptive frame-rate system in place, where the timing of the processor and display is optimised for the screen's Quad HD resolution. That is yet to be proven, but if the LG G2's battery is any indication of how the G3's battery-life will perform, then I can guarantee you will get a full day's use 95 per cent of the time.

In addition to all the new tweaks, LG has boosted its audio system with a one-Watt speaker and an amplifier system to make sure you get clear sounds in noisy crowds without getting too much distortion, which is easily achievable with a tiny speaker.

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