Simple test shows if you're getting enough sleep

Simple test shows if you're getting enough sleep
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Are you snoozing enough? 

Singaporeans have been in the news for being amongst the most sleep deprived nations worldwide, according to studies conducted recently.

If you're not sure if you're getting sufficient sleep, maybe this simple test might help.

A video by BBC One, 'The Truth About... Sleep', shows viewers how to find out if they're sleep-deprived. The clip has since attracted at least 3.2 million views on Facebook.

To fulfil the test, you just need to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon.

From there, you will find out the answer based on how quickly you fall asleep.

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Are you getting enough sleep? This simple test will tell you... 😴

Posted by BBC One on Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The little experiment requires three things: A watch, a spoon and a metal tray.

Known as the 'sleep onset latency test', it requires you to check the time before attempting to sleep.

This is done while holding onto a spoon near the side of the bed.

When you fall asleep, the spoon should hit the metal tray and wake you up.

Said insomniac Michael Mosley who appears in the BBC One video: "If you fall asleep after 15 minutes, you're okay. 10, you're sleep-deprived. But if it's 5 minutes or less than you may have severe sleep deprivation."

He conducts the same test amongst a few office workers in the UK. Three out of 10 nodded off in around 10 minutes.

"That's not surprising because 40 per cent of the UK population, say they regularly get less than six hours of sleep a night - and that's not enough sleep," Mosley added.

The full video is an hour long but it is only viewable in the UK.

According to an excerpt of the official site, Mosley also looks at "surprising solutions" that would help people get more sleep.

Facebook user Christine Williams commented: "I'd be asleep before the tray hits the floor, let alone the spoon."

So try it out for yourself and see if the test helps. Happy snoozing!

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